Huge Boobs vs Sexiest Body | Who is more Hotter & beautiful: Yami Gautam or Katrina Kaif?

Both have different physical appearance. One has attractive body parts like big boobs other has sexy abs. We Think Katrina Kaif Is More sexiest and busty Than Yami.  The Reasons Are As Follows:

1. Katrina Has Abs To Die For: Katrina Spends A Lot Of Quality Time At Her Gym i.e Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image. Pilates Is Her Main Form Of Workout. No Wonder She Has Such Sleek Abs! Even If Yami Had Good Abs, I Have Never Seen Them!

2. Katrina Kaif Has Well Sculpted Body: Not Only Katrina’s Abs But Her Legs, Arms And Face, All Give Us Some Inferiority Complex. Her Entire Body Is Like One Which Is Made In Heaven. Her Fitness Levels Are Awesome. Apart From Katrina, Only Kareena Has Such Blessed Body.

3. Katrina Is Tall: Tall People Have A Different Charm. They Somehow Look More Fitter. And Katrina Comes In That Genre Of Tall, Sleek People. This Adds Up To Her Hotness Quotient.

4. Katrina Has High Energy Levels: Have You Seen The Energy That Katrina Puts Into Her Acting And Dancing? It’s Tremendous! This Too Adds Up To Her Hotness Quotient.

5. Katrina Has Killer Expressions: Even While Dancing, You Will See Some Out Of The Box Expressions On Katrina’s Face, Which The Audience Loves. Because This Requires Some Serious Amount Of Hard Work. Don’t You Think?

Conclusion: Although Katrina Kaif more points than Yami Gautam but one thing that Yami has and made her so attractive for men, that is her pair of huge and busty breast which make him so sexy rather than Bollywood Barbie doll. Yami's biggest tits make her sexy and hotter than Katrina.

What you think about both Indian actresses? Comment here. 

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