World's First Bionic Penis: How Man can get Sex erections

Mo Abad had his penis "totally ripped off" in a horrific car accident as a child. But, after getting a bionic penis fitted, he is now able to maintain erections and have sex.

A man who suffered a horrific accident as a child that “totally ripped off” his penis has shared how miraculous surgery was able to create him a bionic penis, which is even able to maintain erections.

When Mo Abad was six, he was pushed into a road and dragged under a car which resulted in his penis being torn off his body and left his testicles severely damaged.

In the years that followed, Mo described how he lived with an improvised solution, allowing him to perform basic functions such as going to the toilet, while he travelled “all over the country” to try and find a permanent replacement.

Speaking on LadBible’s ‘Minutes With’ series, he explained that it wasn’t until he was 42 that he was able to find a plastic surgeon capable of fitting a bionic penis.

Mo described the process involved, saying: “it involves a medical term which they call a phalloplasty.

“They take skin from your body, either your arm or the back of your leg, and then they take that skin, whatever size they decide, they roll it up like a swiss roll and construct a penis out of it.

“And then they put basically an implant in it that allows you to have sex, have erections.”

Mo went into further detail about how his new bionic penis works.

He noted that he has a reservoir in the side of his stomach that contains saline. There is a pump located in his testicles that, when pressed, pushes the saline into the rods, resulting in an erection.

While some might have been tempted to address the topic of size, Mo revealed that this wasn’t an important aspect of the surgery for him.

He said: “I left that to him. He obviously looked at my arm and said to me, ‘we can make you about this size’, and I was like ‘whatever’.

“I could have said to him I want a 10 inch one, but you’re just grateful you’re getting that opportunity.”

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