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Naomi Scott Top 5 Hottest Pics That Will Steal Your Heart

Top 5 hottest outfits worn by Naomi Scott, check out the pictures.

Small breasts Hollywood actress Naomi Scott has been stealing our heart from a really long time. She first stole our heart with her role as Jasmine in Aladdin and now continues to do so every time she steps on the red carpet. We mean a gorgeous looking woman like Naomi in a beautiful outfit, whose heart won’t be stolen. We are going to stop talking about our heart now, that’s enough of embarrassment that our heart can take for a day.

Coming back to the star of the show, Naomi isn’t just a skilled actress but also a master dresser. Her looks are to die for, ranging from street-style to formal to glamorous she styles everything to perfection. Naomi’s array of looks has given her the reputation of the best-dressed actress. Every outfit that she has worn till date, be it during award shows at movie premier it’s perfect and worth drooling over.

Tiny boobs actress Naomi Scott must have worn more than ten thousand beautiful outfits, but from those ten thousand, we have chosen the top five outfits in which Naomi looks the hottest. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think.

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