Average Age Of Loosing Virginity In Indian

The Austrians loose it as early as at 17.3 years and the Americans at 18 years. The people in Asian countries lose their virginity at a much older age. While the average age is 22.1 years for the Chinese ,the Indians go for it at an average age of 22.9 years.

Pre-maritial Sex is generally considered to be a taboo in India. So Indian men generally lose virginity only after marriage. Various Research put Indian men to less virginity after the age of 21 years. 2007 Face of Global Sex Report released by Durex puts the average age of Indian men losing virginity at 22.9 years.

Indians are the oldest to lose their virginity. Iceland where people have sex as early as 15.6 years. Germany with its age of 15.9 years and Sweden with 16.1 years follow close behind.

Other stats reveals that the average age of loosing virginity in india is around 19-20.

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