Boobspedia: Top 30 Great Nicknames for Breasts | How men's Can Call Amazing Pair of Big Boobs?

We love nicknames. Who doesn’t? They’re a sign of affection and familiarity, a great opportunity for some fun - and they’re not just good for friends. Incidentally, we also love breasts...can you see where we’re going with this? Yes, you got it: alternative names for breasts! Why not bestow your favourite body parts with their own nicknames?

In fact, according to a Buzzfeed poll, 89% of people who voted said they have a nickname for their breasts. And rightly so; our girls need to feel loved and respected. We’ve put together a list of thirty of our all-time favourite terms for breasts.

What do you call yours? Tell us over at @wearetransform. And without further ado, let’s get started on that list of our favourites!

  1. Boobs…We thought we’d start with a classic. You just can’t go wrong with ‘boobs’.
  2. Boobies
  3. Puppies
  4. Twins
  5. Melons
  6. Cupcakes
  7. Danny Devitos...Understatedly fabulous with a touch of humour, may we suggest christening the girls your Danny Devitos? Don’t miss the fact that Danny’s initials are DD – this is a bit of real nickname genius!
  8. Charlies
  9. Onions
  10. Peaks
  11. Pillows
  12. Ant & Dec...Famous duo names work great for nicknaming your breasts! The only thing is, how do you decide which one’s Ant, and which one’s Dec?
  13. Bouncers
  14. Tatas
  15. Minnie & Mickey
  16. Yorkshire Puddings. Why not give a nod to your heritage by affectionately likening the girls to your favourite Sunday roast staple? Bonus points if you’re from Yorkshire!
  17. Bristol Cities
  18. Baubles...This one works especially well for the festive season. And you know, why not name your breasts after Christmas tree ornaments?
  19. Bust
  20. Life Savers
  21. The Girls
  22. Bosom...Old fashioned and comforting, these days this one comes with a pinch of irony! We’re still fans of ‘bosom’ – the old ones are the best!
  23. Iced Gems
  24. Coconuts...A tropical classic, this one – could your breasts be a lovely pair of coconuts?
  25. Breasticles
  26. Lady Bubbles
  27. Nunga-Nungas
  28. Strawberry Creams
  29. The Mitchell Brothers...It’s the Ant and Dec conundrum again…which one’s Phil and which is Grant? Or does it depend on the day?
  30. Cha-Chas 

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