Boobspedia: Ashley James hits back at shaming of women with big boobs in heartfelt message

Former Reality TV star and DJ Ashley James has shared a powerful message surrounding women's bodies and how those with large breasts are shamed and sexualised.

Presenter and DJ Ashley James has hit back at the shaming of women with big breasts.

The former Made in Chelsea star is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Tom Andrews.

Taking to her Instagram page, Ashley posted an image of herself in a bikini with a lengthy message for her 273,000 folllowers.

Ashley penned: "There's such sexualisation and judgement around women (and more importantly GIRLS) with big boobs.

"I've been thinking about it a lot recently as my already big boobs continue to grow as my body prepares to breast feed.

"I know that breastfeeding women already find the sexualisation and judgement of their boobs difficult when it comes to breastfeeding in public ( @lucymeck1 did a brilliant post on it recently)... So how is it for the 'big titty committee', most of us who grew up up feeling shame because of the sexualisation and judgement of boobs we've experienced since we first grew them as underage CHILDREN?"

"Whether it's men staring at our chest instead of our eyes, the unsolicited comments, usually followed by "well if you don't want the attention don't get them out", as if we can make them magically disappear.

"Teachers telling us off for attention seeking when we'd scream because the boys would undo our bra strap through our shirt (it's called harassment, not attention seeking).

"Other women staring and gossiping, calling us Tits McGhee or asking us who were trying to impress on a night out because we've got the "girls out"... It's a vest top, and I spent about two hours deciding whether to look like an 18th century nun or face the stares and comments all night if I dressed in something that made me feel good.

"Or the judgement we put on ourselves... The agony of shopping and finding nothing to wear, or finding something we feel good in but knowing in wearing it we'll have to face the stares or people will make presumptions about our promiscuity or intellect."

The former reality star went on to discuss how this had shaped her own perception of her body from a young age.

She continued: "It's why I went for a consultation to get breast reduction at 15 years old... I was a child but wanted them off my chest so I could get more respect from adults, and not have the attention from boys, or the comments from girls that I clearly loved the attention.

"So I'm anxious about breastfeeding. Because, let's be honest once you're above a D cup your boobs seem to be slightly more 'inappropriate' - both men and women will stare, comment, and judge even if you're in a vest top."

Ashley concluded with a call to action as she asked her followers for some tips.

She asked: "So do any big boobed ladies or breastfeeding mamma's (no matter what your boob size) have any advice? #bigboobproblems ".

Naturally, a number of Ashley's followers responded praising her post and sharing their own experiences.

One of her fans penned: "Love this...spent years hiding my boobs away for these exact reasons/comments or not being taken seriously and I’ve had enough, have been working on not hiding and being proud of them."

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