Boobspedia: 2022 Christina Hendricks’s huge Breasts: Real or Fake?

People have been and are still wondering about Christina Hendricks’s boobs that look like they were a gorgeous result of an augmentation job. Talking to the actress, the Daily Mail brought this point up.

Christina Hendricks with Huge Boobs/Breasts/Tits

The Mad Men’s star thinks it’s funny that people should wonder, for her breasts are “obviously real” and no-one who ever saw her in flesh would go on doubting it.

A reason why her chest looks so unbelievably marvelous may lie in Hendricks’ preference for Vivienne Westwood’s clothes. She is especially fond of them because they show off the figure to advantage and play up the bust, being ideal for women with a voluptuous body – they “unapologetically celebrate women,” as Hendricks describes them. Her modeling for the British designer’s jewelry line is a labor of love, or rather, a labor of admiration.

So it’s not surprising that the 36-year-old actress used to look askance at the clothes that date back to the 1960s – her Joan Holloway wardrobe in Mad Men. She recounted how she was “huffing and puffing” every time she was to don her Holloway outfits. But now she has gotten used to garters and things and handles them with ease; moreover, she is curious about what clothes she will have to wear for the next season.

American big tits actress started off as a model when she was 19 after many years’ ballet classes. So she learned to be a professional fully responsible for what she was doing when still in her teens. And the experience of being thumbed down and criticized proved to be “a great boot camp for Hollywood.”

She remembers that back then she was no bigger than size 4. While her body was undergoing age changes she did her best to adjust to whatever she was endowed with. As one natural from the beginning, Hendricks wouldn’t like to encourage women who are considering doing breast augmentation. “If there’s anything to be learned from me it’s that I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with,” is the message of the woman who knows everything about the inconvenience of having large boobs!

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