Pupil joked about having affair with my teacher boyfriend – then I found naked pics of her and learned they had sex

A shamed teacher had sex with one of his pupils while his girlfriend was at work.

Kim Smyth, 32, discovered her partner Ross Spittal, 31, had been having an affair with the 18-year-old schoolgirl after finding naked photos of her on his phone.

Ms Smyth also discovered more than 800 emails between the pair on school learning site Glow while using a laptop they shared.

Maths teacher Spittal begged her not to go to police or bosses at Inveralmond Community High in Livingston, West Lothian, about the snaps or messages.

But Ms Smyth sent the images straight to the cops in May 2019, a General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing was told.

She recalled how the teen had joked about having an affair with her boyfriend while she spoke about being a personal trainer at the school.

She told the tribunal yesterday: “I came face to face with Pupil A when she was brought round in a group by Ross.

“When I asked if anyone had any questions, Ms A raised her hand and said ‘Is this the other woman?’ I thought that was very confident.

“That must have been a year or so before everything came out.”

Ms Smyth said Spittal “laughed it off” when colleagues mentioned the student’s crush.

“It was always that she was a little girl,” she said.

“You never thought a line would be crossed.”

Fighting back tears as she gave evidence, Ms Smyth added: “I was aware of Pupil A for years. It was a running joke in the school that she fancied Ross.

“It was surprising for pupils to have a crush on him. I didn’t think he’d act on it.

“One Saturday about 2am, me and Ross were sitting in drinking and he kept looking at his phone. He was messaging her on Glow.

“I thought it was very odd behaviour.”

Former personal trainer Miss Smyth continued: “The day I came across the emails on our laptop a message popped up — she was emailing him.

“When I opened the conversation it was happening there and then, they were planning on meeting up.

“I found 800 emails between the two dating back to early 2019. There were naked pictures of Pupil A.

“I was literally seeing naked photos as I was speaking to him on the phone.”

She told the hearing one email read: “Kim is at work, you can come over.”

She added: “There was an extremely high amount of sexual content in the emails.”

Headteacher Susanne Young, 50 also recalled how the maths tutor came clean to her about the affair at a meeting in May 2019.

Giving evidence, she said Spittal confessed he had first kissed the girl the previous month.

Ms Young said: “Ross told me he had let me down. He was shaking the whole way through the meeting

“He said he could not remember who initiated it. He said they’d had sex twice.”

Ms Young also told the panel Pupil A had been prevented from supporting Spittal’s maths class at Inveralmond after concerns were raised.

She added: “I felt it appropriate to spe­ak to Mr Spittal about professional boundaries.”

The Sun told how Spittal, of Bishopton, Renfrewshire, quit over the allegations.

It is believed he is still in a relationship with the ex-pupil.

His lawyer Claire Raftery said he admitted kissing the pupil in April 2019, having sex with her at his home that month, and lying to his headteacher about the affair.

Spittal will give evidence to the hearing on February 7 in a bid to stay on the teaching register.

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