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Top 10 Hottest Girls With Big Boobs on TikTok of 2022

The popularity of the TikTok social media platform just continues to grow with each passing month. One of the best things about this platform is the fact that it provides you with the opportunity to follow some of the world’s sexiest amateur women and their daily exploits. There are a lot of hotties that currently entertain their followers on TikTok and many of them have absolutely huge boobs. For big tits lovers, this is an absolute dream come true.

With this said, these are 10 girls with big boobs that you simply must follow on TikTok.

TikTok took the world by the storm and currently it’s even more popular than Instagram. Not true of course but it’s a close race to the top. (Some girls pictures not confirmed)

10. Gri6a

Russian hottie Gri6a is making a big name for herself on TikTok and her massive boobs are helping her out. Gri6a gives you some insights into her day to day life through her TikTok. This includes videos of her in the great outdoors as well as glimpses of her at home and in the car. Though she is sometimes dressed relatively casual and modest, whenever she does decide to put on more revealing clothing, you realize that she is a true huge boobs TikTok star. Her rack is enough to quickly get anyone’s attention, and it has been doing just that since she began showing off on the platform.

9. Bree Jaynee

Bree Jaynee is a thick and busty babe who has an amazing set of curves and a fantastic big boobs Tiktok. This BBW goddess is routinely showing off her hot bod on TikTok and this includes modeling all kinds of sexy lingerie for her followers. These lingerie pieces often accentuate her sexy ass and her amazing set up voluptuous tits. Bree Jaynee is another TikTok boobs star that you simply must check out if you are obsessed with enormous racks.

8. Emily9528

The huge boobs TikTok feed for Emily9528 is another place for big tit lovers to turn when they are looking for the platform’s hottest girls to follow. She is a hottie with a luscious and voluptuous body and her huge rack goes perfectly with the rest of her frame. She has been using her TikTok platform as a place to have fun on her own or with her friends and she does it with some real attitude that drives her followers wild. When you follow Emily9528, you will get plenty of laughs along with getting to watch her massive jugs bouncing up and down.

7. Brunna Fonseca

The lovely and busty Brunna Fonseca is the next beauty on our list with a popular big boobs TikTok account. She is a busty goddess from the city of São Paulo in Brazil and her gorgeous and ample boobs are at the forefront of virtually all of her TikTok videos. This is true whether she is going solo or whether she is being joined by some of the busty friends. This is another huge boobs TikTok account that breast lovers adore and Brunna Fonseca really makes it fun to spend some time admiring the impressive proportions of her chest while she wears revealing tops.

6. BaileyRyann23

The beautiful BaileyRyann23 is an expert at looking absolutely adorable on her TikTok profile. She is also an expert at letting her absolutely humongous boobs hang out from her low cut tops, lingerie, and bras. Whether she is dressing up, or just looking sexy for the camera, her videos are the type that will quickly catch your eye. BaileyRyann23’s fans love her thick BBW body and her massive hangers. Just the thought of them swinging in your face is enough to get your heart rate up, among other things. This is a huge boobs TikTok profile that must not be missed.

5. Elena Mila98

Who doesn’t love a hot babe with glasses and huge boobs. That is exactly what the lovely Elena Mila98 brings to the table. The rest of her body is absolutely amazing as well. Her sexy, juicy ass is the perfect complement to the massive rack that she loves showing off whether she is at home, out and about, or working out in the gym. These are some of the key factors that have helped Elena Mila98 to amass such a big following with her big boobs TikTok profile. This girl from Monterrey is a serious smokes how and a TikTok babe that you simply must follow.

4. Natasha Casale

Italy’s Natasha Casale is the next huge boobs TikTok profile that we are noting on this top 26 list. This blonde babe looks stunning whether she is hanging out in casual clothes or in tight-fitting crop tops that show her luscious cleavage off. You can follow her daily musings and gawk endlessly at her enormous rack when you choose to follow Natasha Casale on her profile. If you love TikTok boobs, you are going to love what Natasha is cooking up for you.

3. Olyria Roy

Our next sexy TikTok boobs profile is that of Olyria Roy. This Russian babe has a thing for the beach and the sight of her in a bikini is a can’t miss. She can also be found hitting up the gym, bouncing tits and all. You might even catch her eating a juicy slice of watermelon while the juice drips down onto her incredible rack. You really have to see this blonde goddess’s gigantic tits to believe them. You will soon see why she is on our top 26 list of the world’s best big boobs TikTok profiles.

2. Alena Ostanova

Alena Ostanova is a fiery redheaded hottie from St. Petersburg. She has a sexy BBW body type that goes perfectly with her adorable face and her gigantic rack of tits. These massive hangers are quite an impressive show and Alena Ostanova loves showing them off in many different ways on her huge boobs TikTok profile. Sometimes she is casual and sometimes she is dressed in dresses that range from cute to smoking hot. At all times, her massive tits draw the viewer’s attention in. Alena Ostanova knows how to make tight-fitting clothes look amazing and her massive TikTok boobs certainly help out.

1. Patricia Barbosa

 Hailing from the city of Santa Rita D’Oeste in Brazil, Patricia Barbosa has a big boobs TikTok profile that is entertaining and sexy as hell. This Brazilian queen loves to shake her tits, and she also loves to shake her juicy ass. Her TikTok followers get to see this and much more when they keep up with the daily posts from Patricia Barbosa. She is truly a fiery Brazilian honey that is worth following for those that love huge tits on a woman with a sexy BBW body.

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