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Boobspedia: Top 5 Filipino Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Big Boob Problems

Every busty girl can surely relate to these celebs' dilemmas. Having big boobs may look fun, until you hear the firsthand experiences from those who have them.

Celebrities are no exception to these struggles which can be felt in all aspects of their lives. And based on their statements, having large breasts/tits is nowhere near as fun as we thought they would be.

Below are some of the stars who have opened up about their HUGE problems and how they deal with it:

5. Pia Wurtzbach

Pia revealed in an interview last January that she felt insecure the most about her breast size back when she was a kid. She even came to a point where she thought of having breast reduction just to ease her insecurity.

"Bata pa ako nai-insecure talaga ako sa katawan ko, especially dito," she said as she pointed at her breasts.

"Kasi siyempre inaasar ako sa school, ganyan. Nahihiya ako. Pero as I got older, I learned how to be more confident," she said. "There was a time when I was much younger na I was thinking about it (breast reduction) but then hindi ko siya tinuloy kasi nalaman ko na malaki 'yung mga scars na maiiwan niya."

4. Ivana Alawi

Ivana shared in one of "Ask Angelica" episodes that she isn't a fan of wearing bras. In fact, she only owns two bras which she bought eight years ago.

Her reason? It makes her boobs look bigger, hence, making it more noticeable and earns her comments about it.

“Ako kasi hindi ko maintindihan kung malaki ba siya o [maliit] kasi parang Cup D lang talaga siya. It’s not naman na parang Double D. Cup D lang ako. Kaya hindi talaga ako nagba-bra kasi lalo siyang lumalaki. At saka lalong sinasabi 'ang laki ng boobs mo.' ‘Yun ang one of the reasons why I don’t like wearing bra kasi nakakadagdag siya,” she said.

3. Ina Raymundo's daughter Erika Poturnak

At 19 years old, Ina's eldest daughter Erika has been subject to various comments from netizens about her breasts. At one point, Ina had to deal with these netizens who already went below the belt.

In one of her Instagram posts, a netizen said, "She’s pretty but I hope she didn’t make her busts too big. Comparing some of her pics before her breasts became too big. Pretty girls do not need to exert too much effort.”The "Block Z" star then explained that Erika didn't have any surgeries done to her breasts, and if anything, she even wanted to make it smaller.

“If anything, my daughter wants to make her breasts smaller. You have no idea how this made her insecure about her body but I’m happy that it’s not affecting her much anymore. She’s embracing what she has. Be careful with what you say," Ina said.

2. Angeline Quinto

Angeline opened up about how hard it is to have such big boobs, which made her decide to undergo a breast reduction surgery in 2015.

"Sa totoo lang po, itong boobs ko ay nahihirapan ako minsan kasi sa sobrang laki. Akala ng iba ay nagpadagdag ako. Hindi nila alam namomroblema ako every time na mayroon akong show," she said.

1. Michelle Madrigal

Michelle has been open about her breast explant surgery, which she documented through her vlogs. According to her, she got implants 12 years ago to boost her confidence.

Now that she had them removed, she has never felt "lighter and happier."

"I did it, y'all!!! I was so nervous this morning because I wasn’t sure what to expect post-surgery (how my boobs would look without implants). Then I woke up feeling lighter and happier knowing that I am on the way to healing and recovery,” she said.

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