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  • Russian girls have the most outstanding forms!
  • Irene Ferrari: "I made myself!"
  • Maria (Mia) Zarring - beauty from nature
  • How do the owners of outstanding forms in Russia?

Physical features and bright appearance can help to become famous and succeed. Owners of a loud title, “Russia's Largest Breasts”, know this firsthand. Who are these women and how do they live with their wealth?
Russian girls have the most outstanding forms! 

According to an independent global survey, Russia is in the top four in the ranking of countries whose residents can boast of outstanding busts. Many Russians by nature have a fourth or more breast size. No wonder men from other countries call Russian ladies the most beautiful and attractive. The authors of an entertaining list of busty countries do not disclose their own research methods and technologies. However, there is no reason to doubt the accuracy of the results. Year after year, a huge number of girls fight for the title of “The Biggest Breasts of Russia”. And almost every year we can observe new natural records and wonders of plastic surgery.

Irene Ferrari: "I made myself!"  

If you believe the yellow press, once Irene Ferrari was a modest provincial. An excellent girl after receiving a diploma of a prestigious law university faced with the betrayal of a loved one. Irene went to Moscow to treat mental wounds. Named the future star then plainly - Irina Matsyno. In the capital, the girl quickly mastered, built a career in the legal field. And then she realized that this was not at all what she wanted from life. In the first visit to the clinic of plastic surgery, the girl increased the bust by two sizes. Then there were some more operations and change of passport data. Today Irene Ferrari claims that she has the biggest silicone breasts in Russia. The exact size is determined by the title holder itself is difficult. According to Irene, her bra cups are labeled with definitely at least 7-9. Underwear a society lioness and the heroine of scandals today sew only to order. Irene does not hesitate to frankly talk about his reincarnation with the help of plastic surgeons. Today, she is actively acting in advertising, photo shoots for men's magazines, participates in various TV projects, and also does not miss a single social event.

Maria (Mia) Zarring - beauty from nature  

The largest natural breast in Russia belongs to the Muscovite Maria Zarring, who also responds with pleasure to the name Mia. The girl explains her outstanding forms by genetics. According to Maria, all the representatives of the fair sex in her family had 8-10 breast size. The very same Masha-Mia boasts the twelfth. And this, without a doubt, is Russia's largest chest. Since childhood, the girl was engaged in various types of creativity. The most interesting are Mary's journalism, television, burlesque. However, in her student years, Zarring chose the priority of a marketing specialist for herself. Having worked for several years in the office, Maria realized that with such a busy time for work, she was sorely lacking. Using a combination of natural talent and a spectacular appearance, Maria quickly became famous and achieved success. Today she is a famous presenter, a fashion model, and also the organizer of the Russian Burlesque Association.

How do the owners of outstanding forms in Russia?

According to the confessions of the owners of the largest busts, they have long been accustomed to, that when communicating, the interlocutors rarely look into their eyes. But to reduce the volume of the most outstanding part of the body, none of the girls do not even think. It is very pleasant to wear such a loud title - “The biggest breast of Russia”. Photos Irene and Maria constantly appear in fashion magazines. Bright appearance helps personal and creative self-realization. Both girls do not hide the fact that it was a big bust that helped each of them make a career in show business. In her interviews, Maria admits that she sometimes gets tired of public attention. In her daily life, she prefers to wear closed clothes. But the second largest breasts of Russia, the property of Irene Ferrari, almost always in sight, in the frame of a very bold neckline. Between themselves, these two girls never argue and do not compete. The secret is simple: Irene and Maria are winners in different nominations, and they have nothing to divide.

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