Top 9 Successful American Celebrities with Big Breasts & Bra/Tits/Boobs Size of 2022

American model and actress Kate Upton, whose outstanding curves delight millions of men, celebrated her birthday. On this occasion, we chose the show-business stars, each of whom can definitely say, “Size does matter.”

9. Kate Upton

The 22-year-old model and a newly made actress (“The Other Woman”) has a breast size 34D. With such parameters, the blue-eyed blonde from Michigan had no difficulty in starting a show business career. She was noticed by the Elite agency, and quickly won a contract with the manufacturer of Beach Bunny swimwear. World fame came to Kate after a photo shoot in the Sports Illustrated magazine: minimum clothing, maximum advantages.

Kate’s “typical American” look, oddly enough, created problems. She says a number of agencies refused to work with her because she was “too standard.” Victoria’s Secret refused her – she was photographed for a catalog, but never became one of the “angels”: the brand’s casting director Sophie Neophitou said that Kate looked like a footballer’s wife and had a face which any person with enough money could buy.

However, the young woman is not offended and has no complexes: her purpose is to be an example for those who are tormented by diets. What concerns the 34D breast size, Kate says she loves her body, whatever tabloids write.

8. Britney Spears

During her rich creative life Britney has radically changed her look many times. She gained and lost weight, and did breast surgery a few times. In the 2000s the singer openly declared having size 36C and claimed that large breasts are uncomfortable, hinting that she would like to make them smaller. It is hard to say if Britney carried out her plans, but judging by the latest photos, the former splendor is less conspicuous.

7. Christina Hendricks

The star of the Mad Men TV series has an outstanding 85DD, which has made many plastic surgeons richer: in 2010 the number of women in Britain who decided to augment their breasts, increased by 10%. Hendricks says she is tired of questions about her 85DD and wonders if anyone thinks that her breasts are unnatural.

The actress says that at first her big boobs created problems, but then she learned to love what she had. The only thing she regrets is that Los Angeles has few designers who are ready to offer her dresses.

6. Kim Kardashian

Several years ago, British plastic surgeons conducted a survey among patients about celebrities’ body parts they considered ideal. It turned out that the best breasts belonged to Kim Kardashian. There was a lot of argument about the boobs – whether they are authentic or plastic. Back in 2011, Kim herself said that she had not been operated on.

Believe it or not, but there is no doubt that Kardashian’s size grew to F naturally last year – all thanks to the birth of her daughter North West in August 2013. This spring, Kim expressed a wish to have an operation to reduce her breasts. However, her spouse, Kanye West, seems to be dissatisfied with this intention.

5. Sofia Vergara

The star of the Modern Family series has an unsteady attitude to her shapes, as any temperamental Latina does. One day she gives thanks to God for such an outstanding bust, admitting her 32F helped her make a career, another day she admits envying the fragile Gisele Bundchen.

Temptations and seductions accompanied Sofia her entire life. When she turned 18, she told her mother she wanted to reduce breasts, and heard a harsh denial in response. Starting to conquer Hollywood, Vergara hardly listened to her agents’ advice to become more standard. Fortunately, everything remained as it was, and whatever the actress would say, she is proud of her body. She should be.

4. Kelly Brook

This British woman, whose bust is considered almost the best in the world, has regular fits of self-doubt. She often thinks that others value her for no more than her boobs. At the same time, Kelly admits that only because of her size 34E she made a career in the movies. No matter how often the tabloids call her the Silicone Venus, there are no implants in Brook’s body. The 34-year-old star is for natural beauty, and last year she even gave a promise not to turn to plastic surgeons in her life.

3. Katy Perry

Raised in a religious family, Katy, as a teenager, turned to God with weird requests like having a breast so big that when she would lie in bed, she would not be able to see her feet. Dreams come true, but who knew that every coin has a back side, and the big boobs would fall into her armpits eventually, Katy laughs. Perry loves her breasts; she often wears low-neck clothes and even uses her boobs for charity: she put up a mold of her breasts size 32DD for auction. The $3000 raised went to the foundation for helping blind children.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Actress likes to surprise: first, she will remove the implants, which she got herself at the beginning of her acting career, and then she will please her fans with an impressive bust again. Her last phenomenal public appearance at the premiere of the second part of Captain America fascinated everyone. This metamorphosis is simply explained by pregnancy.

1. Mariah Carey

A woman with fantastic vocals and hard fate, Mariah looks stunning. Her fourth breast size is difficult to hide from prying eyes. However, the singer is not particularly modest. Low necklines, public embarrassments liked a torn dress at a charity concert, tweets with nude photos (a birthday gift to her husband) – Mariah is aware that a unique vocal range is only half the battle.

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