Top 10 Most Hot Ukrainian Girls of 2022: Beautiful Ukrainian Women Online


Single guys from all over the world seem to be charmed by Eastern European women. Ukraine is one of the most popular countries in the region. If you are also among the men who want to have a Ukrainian girlfriend or just want to look at the most gorgeous hot Ukrainian women—check out our top-10 of the hottest Ukrainian women to get to know about Ukrainian brides and where to find them.

Why are Ukrainian women so hot?

“Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful and hot?” is one of the first questions men have when they meet Ukrainian women, both online and in person. It’s true, Ukrainian ladies are undeniably hot and impossible to look away from even when you see a photo of them online. Here are 5 facts that will explain the one-of-a-kind attraction Western men have for Ukrainian women.

They are breathtakingly beautiful

Dark shiny curls, light skin with rosy cheeks, plump bright lips, captivating eyes, and dark eyelashes and eyebrows that perfectly frame the face are just some of the many stunning features of Ukrainian girls. Add that to their curvy yet fit bodies with long, slim legs, and you’ll see why Ukrainian women are so attractive.

Single Ukrainian women pay a lot of attention to their look

These ladies are not shallow, but they understand the power of good makeup and clothes. That doesn’t mean you will see them rocking intense makeup during the day or wearing a sequined mini dress on a trip to a grocery store. They are perfectly aware of what’s appropriate and when.

Ladies from Ukraine are not shy around men

A typical Ukrainian girl is a perfect combination of reserved and flirty. Beautiful Ukrainian women won’t go out of their way to attract the attention of men—they simply don’t need to do it because when they enter the room, everyone’s eyes are on them anyway. But their behavior around guys is nothing short of irresistible: they freely chat, laugh, and have the time of their lives.

The Hottest Ukrainian women are also confident

There are few things hotter than a woman who’s confident in her beauty and doesn’t look for positive reinforcement from everyone she meets. Ukrainian women know they are attractive, and they behave accordingly. They have no problem with approaching a guy they like or even asking him out, and they always succeed.

Ukrainian girls are feminine in every aspect of their lives

Ukraine is a modern country where the women know their self-worth and don’t just see them as mothers and wives. However, they also don’t oppose the traditional gender roles and their feminine nature. When you first meet Ukrainian women, you can already tell they are some of the most feminine ladies you’ve ever met. Everything about them, from their laugh to their dance moves, is incredibly graceful.

Top-10 of hottest Ukrainian women on Instagram in 2022

With such attractive natural beauty and charm, typical Ukrainian girls take Instagram like a storm. They are so popular to date and follow on Instagram due to their stylish looks, direct personalities, and, of course, sexy feminine photos. If you visit any profile from our list, you’ll stop wondering why so many strive to find beautiful Ukraine mail order brides. Enjoy our top-10 of the most beautiful women from Ukraine we prepared for you!

10. Maria Skorchenko (M.A.M.A.S.I.T.A)


Age: 30
Number of followers: 813k
Occupation: Dancer, coach, influencer
City: Kyiv, Ukraine

A Ukraine sexiest woman Maria Scorchenko is not only extremely beautiful lady but also a very talented dancer. Her twerking videos go viral every time she shares them. Despite she is a popular dancer now, she doesn’t have a degree in Arts; the stunning blonde graduated from the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, and then she left her favorite job to become a choreographer. The beautiful Ukrainian does master classes all over Ukraine, as well as starring in music videos. For example, you can see her talent in the video of Jerry Heil ‘Nawerkay’.

9. Nastya Kamenskih

Instagram: @
Age: 34
Number of followers: 5.3M
Occupation: Singer, entrepreneur, TV presenter
City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Smoking-hot Ukrainian Nastya Kamenskih is known all over the world due to her impressive singing talent and stunning beauty. Nastya is leading the list of the most beautiful Ukrainian women as her sexy curves and natural beauty won the hearts of many men worldwide. Stunning Ukrainian beauty first became popular in the duo ‘Potap & Nastya’. And today, Nastya Kamenskih is successfully conquering the Latin American music and international show business.

8. Sarah Gurinova

Instagram: @
Age: 23
Number of followers:635k
Occupation: Model, digital influencer
City: Lviv, Ukraine

Unique Ukrainian beauty, Sarah Gurinova, known as Sarah B.FP, is easily recognizable for her signature look: bright hair colors, “perfect eyeliner” skills, and stylish streetwear outfits. Sarah’s sense of style is just exquisite and adored by the thousands of her followers. By the way, many young girls from Ukraine have a very similar body type to Sarah Gurinova with a tiny waist, long legs, and overall slimness.

7. Milla Jovovich

Instagram: @
Age: 45
Number of followers: 3.7M
Occupation: Actress, model
City: Kiev, Ukraine (Currently the USA)

A stunning American actress and model that is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood was born in Ukraine. Milla Jovovich made it to the top starring in The Messenger, The Fifth Element, and many others. As a model, she has been the face of big brands like Revlon, Versace, and Armani. This blue-eyed brunette seems not to age even a bit and looks 25 being 45 years old.

6. Dasha Astafieva


Instagram: @
Age: 35
Number of followers: 457k
Occupation: Model, singer, actress
City: Pokrov, Ukraine

Dasha Astafieva is a gorgeous Ukrainian model that rose to fame after appearing on the cover of Playboy Ukraine and winning the title of Playmate of the Year (2007). A few years later Playboy America named her the Playmate of the Month, which made her famous worldwide. Aside from Playboy success, Dasha can boast of a great voice, as do many Ukrainian women. She was in the Ukrainian pop group NikitA. Currently, the Ukrainian beauty represents AnastasiaDate, a dating site that unites singles from all over the world.

5. Diana Zaytseva (Lady Diana)

Instagram: @
Age: 18
Number of followers: 3.1M
Occupation: Model, influencer
City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Young Ukrainian Diana Zaytseva (more famous as Lady Diana on Instagram) is a big social media star, model, and TikToker. Diana has a gorgeous model-like appearance with a slim but curvy figure, very long light brown hair, and porcelain skin. The beauty loves to travel and post about her lifestyle and many bikini pics to her Instagram page. Stunning Ukrainian has also been very popular on TikTok with 145,3k followers.

4. Anna Andres

Instagram: @
Age: 27
Number of followers: 839k
Occupation: Model, pageant contestant, entrepreneur
City: Lviv, Ukraine (Polish descent)

Attractive Ukrainian model, Anna Andres is one of the most beautiful women in the country and has proved that by winning Miss Ukraine Universe 2014. After that, international modeling agencies started to hunt Anna and she has got the possibility to work with GQ, L’officiel Ukraine, and others. However, Anna is not just pretty, she is very intelligent and got a degree in Law. Currently, she owns a jewelry line called AnnaAndresJewelry.

3. Sasha Kramarets-Petraichuk

Instagram: @
Age: 37
Number of followers: 1.1M
Occupation: Blogger
City: Dnepr, Ukraine

Stunning Sasha Kramarets-Petraichuk is definitely the hottest Ukrainian blogger that is also a founder of a popular adult blog Sasha’s Kitchen. Sasha writes about what many are ashamed of. Her posts are not just frank, but also informative. This blog will fill in the gaps in your love life with information about relationships, trust, and even some naughty secrets. Also, Sasha loves to post sexy pics that are very suitable to her blog’s theme and is always adored by the millions of her loyal followers.

2. Kristina Kots-Gotlib

Instagram: @
Age: 38
Number of followers: 19.1k
Occupation: Model, singer
City: Donetsk, Ukraine

The stunning blonde, Kristina Kots-Gotlib was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2009. Kristina has a lovely appearance with very feminine and elegant features that make her a very desired model. Also, the Ukrainian beauty has been a part of the popular pop girl trio ‘VIA-Gra’. This ever-young beauty loves to post lifestyle content and many hot pics on her Instagram page.

1. Anna Prytula

Instagram: @
Age: 19
Number of followers: 1M
Occupation: Model, blogger
City: Lviv, Ukraine

Anya Prytula didn’t even dream of becoming a real friend for hundreds of thousands of followers, as the Ukrainian beauty started her blog when she was a schoolgirl. But now Anya takes part in fashion photoshoots and works for big brands, and at the age of nineteen, she is one of the most popular Ukrainian Instagram bloggers. The gorgeous Ukrainian lady’s secret to popularity lies in her natural beauty, hot appearance, long blonde hair, and charming personality. If you want to date a girl like Anya Prytula, you can check out dating sites and meet pretty Ukrainian brides.

Tips on how to meet single Ukrainian women

Feeling inspired by stunning Ukrainian beauty and are wondering how to find Ukrainian singles? We have two great options for you.

  • Visiting Ukraine: Traveling to the country can be a great adventure that will help you meet the woman of your dreams. But be ready to put off work and deal with the language barrier.
  • Using Ukrainian dating sites: Online dating is very trendy in Ukraine, which is why there are so many Ukrainian beauties online. Finding a partner online is easy and affordable.

Both ways allow you to meet hot Ukrainians. You can even combine them by looking for someone special online and then traveling to her hometown when things get serious.

Ukrainian women are very charming, talented, and kind. They have everything that it takes to be a partner for life. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our top-10 of the hottest girls from Ukraine online and now know how to find a hot Ukrainian girlfriend easily and quickly.

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