Top 10 Most Valuable Hungarian Celebrities on Instagram

Social media sites offer huge amounts of money for famous models, celebrities, and athletes if they advertise something on their page. Those who have a lot of followers can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of forints (EUR 1,000-3,000) after each advertisement they share on Instagram.

According to Blikk, the world-famous model, Barbara Palvin (26), is currently the most known Hungarian on Instagram, having more than 14.3 million followers. We reported about her blooming love with American actor Dylan Sprouse (27) HERE while you can watch a super sexy video about Ms Palvin HERE.

Hungarian Instagram money Barbara Palvin. Source: Instagram Thanks to her huge “virtual fan club”, she can get HUF 14.2 million (EUR 41,000) after each advertisement she shares on her page. The data came from influen­, a website specialised in analysing social media.

The second most famous Hungarian on Instagram is footballer Balázs Dzsudzsák whose posts are worth HUF 1.4 million (EUR 4,000) and who has 944 thousand followers.

Supermodel Edina Kulcsár (29) comes next with 572 thousand followers. She can get up to HUF 853 thousand for a post (EUR 2,465) based on the calculations of the experts.

Dániel Manhalter, the CEO of Prompt Média Hungary, said that the above-mentioned sums are not carved in stone since there are a lot of other factors affecting the issue. For example, it depends a lot on whether it is a single post or not, how active the celebrity is on the social media site, and when they publish it.

Edina Kulcsár said that there are advertisements on her Instagram page, but that is not her only source of income. For example, she leads a company which she writes about on social media as well. Furthermore, there are a lot of posts about her family. To conclude, she stated that she does not regard herself as an influencer who makes a living from this activity.

Réka Rubint, a famous Hungarian fitness trainer, has 340 thousand followers, so experts estimate the worth of her posts at around HUF 506 thousand (EUR 1,462). She said that her followers are very important to her and added that the calculated sum is not necessarily realistic. She said that not only the number of fans count but also their purchasing power. Furthermore, she stated that she accepts posting advertisements with which she can agree or has had positive experiences with the relevant products.

And, finally, the “most valuable” Hungarian Instagram pages:

1. Barbara Palvin, 14.3 million followers: EUR 41,000

 2. Balázs Dzsudzsák, 944 thousand followers: EUR 4,000

3. Edina Kulcsár, 572 thousand followers: EUR 2,465

4. Pamela Hódi, 561 thousand followers: EUR 2,436

5. Tibi Kasza, 561 thousand followers: EUR 2,419

6. Majka, 501 thousand followers: EUR 2,153

7. Bence Istenes, 497 thousand followers: EUR 2,138

8. Viktória Varga, 474 thousand followers: EUR 2,031

9. ByeAlex, 454 thousand followers: EUR 1,959

10. Gabi Tóth, 443 thousand followers: EUR 1,907

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