Ukrainian Huge Boobs Model Alena Omovych Surgaries, Bra Size, Bio, Instagram, Dating & Facts

Alena Omovych is an Instagram Model and a Social Media Influencer. Being a celebrity you are bound to end up in tabloids now and then whether they like it or not. But Alena Omovych had been able to keep her personal life under wraps and only show her professional life.

Alena Omovych’s Surgeries

Alena Omovych is often compared with TV reality Kim Kardashian for her physical appearance. Fans are always pointing towards changes in her physical appearance due to surgeries. Alena Omovych is criticized frequently for doing various surgeries and changing her appearance.

She has gone on record and said that she has undergone seven plastic surgeries until now. The model has three separate boob jobs, she has also enlarged her lips, lifted her cheekbones, and altered the angles of her lower jaw to give an oval shape. Some reports also claim that she has also done butt implants.

People have been commenting mean comments regarding her surgeries and comparing her to a character in computer games of morons. The criticism does not affect Omovych’s choices as she continues to flaunt her body on Instagram.

Houses & Cars & Luxury Brands

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Alena Omovych is a young Instagram model and a savvy entrepreneur who has proven that she has plenty to offer as a social media influencer. Here is a look at her exciting profile.

Date Of Birth: 22 November 1994

Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius

Birth Place: Ukraine

Net Worth: $1 million to $5 million

Marital Status: Unmarried

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)

Weight: 121 pounds (55 kgs)

Ethnicity: Ukrainian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light brown

Alena Omovych Bra and Cup Size


Tattoos And Piercings

Alena has several tattoos on her body, including an elaborate sleeve tattoo on her left hand. She also has a tattoo on her back and right shoulder.

Best Known For

Alena is famous for sharing beautiful Instagram photos that have endeared her to many social media users and turned her into a social media sensation.

Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In April 2022): 65k

Who Is Alena Omovych Dating?: Unknown

Alena Omovych Boyfriends/Girlfriends: Unknown

Alena Omovych Instagram

Alena first posted on Instagram on September 7, 2018. She shared a slow-motion video that showed her as she models.

She mainly shares mirror selfies and photos that show off glamorous fashion styles. Her posts get an average of about 3.7k likes each.

About Alena Omovych

Alena got into modeling at a young age. She went to school in Kyiv, and her desire to be a model started when she was still in school.

As soon as she was done schooling, she started to pursue modeling. Today, she works exclusively as a social media model and an influencer.

Alena is an entrepreneur, and she loves to promote her clothing store, known as "Omovych Shop." The shop has its own Instagram page.

The enterprising model also has a boutique called "Lior Boutique," based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She got into the fashion business because she had realized that people loved her fashion sense.

The Instagram star also works with various brands to promote their products.


Biggest Breasts model Alena has not shared any information about her family.

Interesting Facts

On Facebook, Alena's page has 22k likes. She shares seductive pictures of herself on social media platforms.

She also has a YouTube channel, which has played a huge role in making her famous.

Alena's hobbies include traveling and exploring new places. She also loves tattoos.

Her other interests include dogs, and she owns a cute white puppy which she often posts on her social media pages. She is also a foodie and a car enthusiast.

Her favorite fashion brands are Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

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