Eight Models Raped During Music Video Shoot, age from 18 to 35


At a South African music video shoot, eight models were gang raped

In a small South African town this week, a group of armed men broke into a music video shoot and sexually assaulted eight of the young cast members, authorities said on Friday.

Police Minister Bheki Cele reported that three of the approximately 20 suspects in the attack on Thursday on the outskirts of Krugersdorp, a small town west of Johannesburg, have been apprehended by security personnel.

He told reporters that the crew and actors were ambushed by the gang as they were unloading equipment and setting up the set.

Cele stated that the women ranged in age from 18 to 35 and that one woman was raped by ten individuals and another by eight.

On the sidelines of a ruling party meeting in Johannesburg, he informed reporters that even the males had been stripped naked and had had their personal stuff stolen.

He described the people who unlawfully exploit mines in the nation as "zama zamas," or persons who appear to be foreign nationals.

At the same conference, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that he had directed the police minister to ensure that the offenders were "apprehended and dealt with."

Despite the fact that rape is chronically underreported in South Africa, the police get a report of one such offence there every 12 minutes on average.

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