Most Stylish Anchor Sana Bucha’s Interesting Take on Her married life, Divorce & Cosmetic surgery

Sana Bucha, an anchor, is regarded as one of Pakistan's most contentious journalists. She is criticised for supposedly being partisan, ridiculed for reportedly having cosmetic procedures done, and has repeatedly been observed getting into altercations with other people.

In 2010 Sana Bucha was marriaged. The pair separated after their marriage fell apart. Sana Bucha openly discussed it while speaking with Daily Pakistan in an interview, and she had a very intriguing perspective to share. She began by stating that she couldn't recall the day of her past wedding life.

Sana claimed she couldn't recall her husband's name or face. She claimed that while she could have wept for him, doing so would be pointless because both she and her ex-husband had moved on with their different lives.

Sana also mentioned that she might not get married again because she doesn't know someone who fits her feel.

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