What is Special: Top 4 New Amazing Features Added in the New update of Microsoft Teams

We all must have heard the name of Microsoft and have used its products somewhere and at some point or the other, we have also used Microsoft’s product Microsoft Teams at one time or another. We all know that this application is used for video conferencing, online meetings and video calling. Now Microsoft has recently said to add 4 new features to this application platform.

You Need to Know what is Special: Top 4 New Amazing Features Added in the New update of Microsoft Teams

After the introduction of this new feature in Microsoft’s platform Microsoft Teams, the organizers will also be given the freedom to choose co-organizers, by this new feature an organizer will get the option to choose 10 co-organizers for himself. After the introduction of this new feature, an organizer will be able to distribute whatever responsibilities he has among 10 people. If Microsoft Teams is to be believed, then these co-organizers will not have the same rights as the organizer. All the main rights of this new feature will be available with the organizer only.

After the arrival of this new feature of Microsoft Teams, you will also get to see the support of some new languages ​​in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft will provide this new feature called Multi language teams meeting invite control. This upcoming new feature will provide the ability to send invitations to join meetings in 2 languages ​​across all email platforms. With this new feature, admins can also customize their meetings to include the regional languages ​​their co-organizer users are most friendly with.

In this regard, Microsoft has also given information that with the help of this feature, admins will be able to disable the chat rights of those users who have joined the running meeting through any issued meeting link

Along with adding this new feature to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has also added the chat bubble feature for Android and iOS platforms. After the availability of this new feature, all the chat messages will be visible on the screen of the mobile itself and with this users will also be able to preview the 2 recently used chats here. And after the addition of this feature, now users will not even need to open the chat window manually while using Meeting.

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