Why Turkish Women are so Popular Nowadays?

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Turkish Women

Turkey is a beautiful and beckoning Eastern country. And the women are the same there. They charm men with their special prettiness and loveliness. If Turkish women are a mystery for you then find out more about them. Read further and you will learn what their character and habits are like. 

Men from all over the world are searching for wives from this country. These women are in high demand. And here are the good reasons for this.

A mystery

Man can never predict what her next step will be. So, a relationship with a Turkish girl becomes an exciting adventure. You will not be bored while dating a Turkish woman.


Their natural appearance is stunning. Turkish girls are proud of their perfect tan skin, long chestnut or brunette hair, big hazel eyes, and thick eyelashes.

Though most of them have typical Eastern appearance there are also some exotic women in Turkey. In the Western part of the country live some girls with blond or red hair and blue eyes.

Being well-groomed

Beautiful Turkish women spend a lot of time looking after themselves. And it lets them become even more attractive. They do procedures for skin, look after their hair thoroughly. Also, sexy Turkish women often visit SPA salons to make their bodies more attractive.

Being expressive

This is both about their appearance and character.

They are fond of bright stylish clothes and expressive makeup. They regularly experiment with different cosmetics and images. A typical girl from this country has qualitative makeup done not only for a party or a celebration but in her everyday life.

Speaking about the character, it is also rather expressive. These women are very emotional and they don’t hide it.


These women are not the type of persons who are always complaining. They are very cheerful and open-minded. They try to stay positive even in difficult life situations.

Young Turkish girls are fond of having fun, dancing, and singing.


Modern Turkish ladies are open to new acquaintances. They like to chat and have fun. They make friends easily and spend a lot of time outdoors in companies. They like to invite guests and organize parties.

Being passionate

Though they are rather unapproachable, it is a big wheel to get a hot Turkish girl. These women are very good in bed with their husbands.

What are Turkish Wives Like?

While dating a girl you can’t predict for sure what kind of wife she is going to be. So, let’s discuss in detail what men can expect from Turkish women for marriage. Here are the common features of the wives from this country.

Much care

Turkish ladies have kind hearts. They always support and encourage their husbands in difficult times. A husband of such a woman can always be sure that his wife will understand and comfort him.


They respect their own choices. If a Turkish bride has chosen you as a husband, you can be certain that you will never be changed for another man.

She will not provoke jealousness in you. Married ladies of this nationality don’t allow themselves to flirt with other men.

A cozy atmosphere at home

They are good housewives. They have great housekeeping skills. They can easily cope with all the women’s chores like cooking and cleaning. They know how to create a comfortable and cozy family atmosphere.


There is nothing better for this type of ladies than having a big celebration. They never miss any opportunity. They organize parties on holidays and often invite guests at the weekend.

Being a good mother

Turkish girls know how to get along with children since childhood. Many of them have younger sisters or brothers whom they take care of. So, by the time they become adult women, they already have skills in dealing with children.

Turkish wives often want to have 2 or 3 kids. So, if you dream about a big family such a woman is a good match for you.

Expression of feelings

If a Turkish wife loves, this feeling completely seizes her. And she shows her amour at every opportunity. She really adores her darling husband. If you have got such a wife you will never dare to say that you don’t feel being loved enough.

Where to Meet Turkish Women?

You can easily get acquainted with a Turkish woman while having a trip to this country. People are very friendly and talkative there.

But it can be difficult to start a relationship with a girl whom you got to know while traveling. This is because they show a suspicious attitude toward dating tourists. Women believe that foreigners who visit their country are not aimed at a serious relationship.

So, the better place for getting acquainted with a future wife is the Internet. There are a lot of websites that allow finding a Turkish mail order bride. Ladies are more trusting there because they see your serious intentions at once.

Why Turkish Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Many ladies prefer to choose husbands from abroad. And there are plenty of reasons for this:

  1. Being fond of Western men. They consider foreign men more intelligent, modern and interesting than local ones. Eastern girls are crazy about Western men.

  2. Turkish men’s duplicity. They can act in one way while dating and in an absolutely different way after marriage. Being boyfriends they make their best to make an awesome impression on their woman. They act like kind and generous. But some of them after becoming husbands start being bossy, tough and rude. They stop paying so much attention to their life partners.

  3. A higher standard of living in Western countries. Every Turkish lady wants a better life for herself and her future children.

  4. Being impressed by Western beauty. Pretty Turkish women pay attention to the appearance of their future husbands. That is why they like well-groomed and stylish Western men.

Turkish Dating Culture: 7 Tips on Dating Turkish Girls 

If you want to be successful in dating a Turkish woman take into account these 7 tips:

  1. Be a gentleman. These girls like gallant men. So, show her your best manners.

  2. Be attentive. These ladies are used to getting a lot of attention from the local men. If you are cold and careless while trying to start a relationship with the lady of this nationality she will just not be interested in you at all. Show her your feelings with fine words and powerful gestures.

  3. Be a good friend. These girls are very emotional. So, they need somebody to share their mood with. They like to talk, so try to be a good conversationalist.

  4. Be active and positive. These girls like to have big parties. If you help her to organize one she will definitely be happy.

  5. Be proactive. In Turkish culture, only men make steps for developing relationships. Don’t wait for your girl to take the initiative. Remember that she expects this from you.

  6. Discuss the plans for the future. Girls of this nationality are really interested in marriage and it is normal for them to get married as early as it’s possible. So, even if your girlfriend is 18 she is looking forward to getting a proposal from you.  If you don’t share your future matrimonial plans with her she will gradually distance herself from you.

  7. Get along with your family and friends. Turkish women value the closest people very much. If you are not nice to her family and friends she will consider you don’t respect her.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Women

Is it necessary to have a wedding ceremony?

If you want just to sign the documents and start living together a Turkish bride is not your type. These women like celebrations. And the wedding should be the greatest of them in the whole life. So, you should do your best to organize a grand party for you and her, and numerous guests.

How to save a good relationship after marriage?

Just keep being a gentleman. Show a good attitude to her. As these ladies are very caring they expect the same thing from you. Sometimes they become very jealous after marriage. In this case, just show her that there is nothing to worry about. Introduce your friends to her, and she will trust you more.

Is it necessary to get along with her relatives?

Of course. Family values are very strong in Turkey. You should treat her mother and father with respect. Also, your wife will expect you to visit her parents regularly together with her.

Are all the Turkish women housewives?

According to the research about education in Turkey, only 18,7% of women have higher education. It indicates that they are not interested in a career. But they are really good wives, housekeepers, and mothers. They believe that this is more than enough for a woman. If you agree with this you will have good relations with your Turkish wife.

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