Anjali Arora such a video went viral after MMS Leak, bo*ld video made herself in front of the mirror in the hotel room

Famous Tik-Toker and Kangana Ranaut hosted show Lockup Famous Anjali Arora is on the internet today. Anjali became an overnight hit after dancing on the video ‘Kacha Badam’. Their reels become viral as soon as they come on social media. At the same time, in the past, she was in a lot of headlines for her MMS leak case. Anjali was trolled a lot on social media after the MMS leak. At the same time, Anjali issued her statement in this matter saying that she is not the girl seen in the video. Meanwhile, now another video of Anjali is creating a ruckus on the internet. In this video again the fans are getting to see her bo*ld avatar.

Made my video in front of the mirror

Anjali Arora has posted a video of herself on Instagram. In this video, Anjali is seen wreaking havoc with her style. In this video you can see that Anjali is seen in the hotel room. At the same time, she is seen making her own video on a song in front of the mirror. During this, talking about her look, she is wearing a deep neck one piece dress of henna color. In this dress, there is a bo*ld cut design on the waist, which is making her look even more beautiful. So far this video has got a lot of views. At the same time, by commenting on this, fans are seen giving their feedback.

This photoshoot was in discussion

Let us tell you that recently a photoshoot of Anjali Arora was in a lot of discussion. In this photoshoot, Anjali was seen in a hot red color dress. She was wearing a red color bralette. Along with this, she wore a short skirt too short. At the same time, her stylish hairstyle was suiting her a lot. Wearing this dress, Anjali was seen posing on the red color sofa. At the same time, the entire background of this picture was seen matching.

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