Jodie Comer On Her Favorite Beauty Tricks

Jodie Comer, an actor and star of the television series Killing Eve, discusses her go-to face-sculpting massage, her secret to the perfect cat-eyeliner, and why she takes skincare so seriously for her glow like other female celebrities.

First Think to do early in the morning...

Coffee must be had before anything else. Following a thorough face wash, I aim to finish my workout before leaving for work. I enjoy reading when I'm not on the go.

I adore cleaning with coconut oil

I immediately reach for my Noble Panacea The Brilliant Prime Radiance Serum if my skin is really dry. My T-zone may occasionally become fairly clogged if I apply heavier products to my skin and then work out, but this serum feels like the ideal texture, so that doesn't happen. I follow up by using Noble Panacea The Brilliant Radiance Resilience Moisturizer. It comes in daily dosages, so you don't waste any product, and if I'm pressed for time in the morning, I could apply it quickly in the vehicle.

I'll use an eye cream more in the winter since I need all the assistance I can get! I drink a lot of water, thus I do believe that it is a key element in having healthy skin. I've also begun utilising The Sculpting Tool and Noble Panacea's Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask. The shaping massage is the ideal thing to do before a big event since it really helps me unwind and I see a great change when I use it because it helps redistribute the fluid under the skin.

Before flying, I always buy a big coconut water.

While sharing top beauty tips she said, "if you want further assistance adjusting to a different time zone, Genexa homoeopathic jet lag pills are fantastic".

With my trainer, I do Pilates for an hour every morning

Pilates has a very therapeutic quality, especially when performed on a reformer. And I love yoga. You may register for some amazing online lessons taught by Claudia Mirallegro and complete them at home.

My makeup artist showed me how to get the ideal cat-eye appearance

I used to constantly go beyond and had to wipe it off. The secret, though, is to always begin from the outside of your eye and go into the centre of your face, as my makeup artist, Alex Babsky, demonstrated to me. I used to always begin drawing my eyelid out in the middle. My brows are very crucial to me when I'm going out; I prefer a full brow and eyebrow gel, most frequently the MAC Clear Eyebrow Gel.

I didn't give skincare any thought...

Until a friend told me about Jasmina Vico, a facialist in London. She taught me the value of skincare and how it might indicate health issues; she also showed me how your skin responds to the foods you eat. Of course, you watch over it from the outside, but a lot depends on what occurs within.

I enjoy taking a hot bath with salts in candle-lit while listening to soothing music

I prefer to use a clay mask once a week to help with any oil build-up, and Ilapothecary offers a magnesium-and-amethyst soak that smells like a spa. As I've grown more conscious of the need of taking time out of my day to relax and take care of myself, I do like to try to construct my own at-home spa. My skin feels really hydrated when I wake up because I usually use Noble Panacea's The Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream before bed. We tend to focus on our faces, but I try to remember to also apply it to my jawline.

The most useful life advise I've ever received

I recently received a remark from a friend that said, "Inspiration exists, but it needs to find you working."

When I can't sleep

I enjoy taking lengthy, hot baths and burning incense since they both help me unwind right away. I prefer to play soothing music as I spray Ilapothecary's Beat the Blues Room Spray in the air over my bed. Give me an ocean wave Spotify playlist, and I'll be gone in no time!

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