5 Cultural Insights Why Russian Women are so Unique?

Russian women are nothing like their Western sisters. Hell, even compared to other Eastern European women, they are completely different. But why is that?

Why are Russian women so...


To understand why Russian girls are unlike any other, I'll explain the social and cultural reasons for their behavior. After many years of living in Russia, I have finally cracked the code of understanding Russian women (well, in part at least).

1. Why are Russian women so attractive?


Most men ask themselves:

"How is it that Russian women always look so damn fantastic while Russian men are...less attractive?"

I'm not an anthropologist so I can't give you a scientific explanation. But what I do know is that over centuries the Russian population has mixed with Europeans and Asians. Every couple of decades, a European nation would try to invade from the West. And equally, someone would come from the East to do the same thing. So you had the French, Swedish, Polish, Mongols, Germans and many more all nicely freshening up the Russian gene pool.​

That has led to Russian ladies having the cat-shaped eyes and high cheekbones that men love about them. Also, it's been proven that people with a diverse genetic background are perceived to be more attractive than those that have a strict monoracial background. That's why aboriginal women rarely top the world's beauty contests and island nations aren't full of stunners. Google Papua New Guinean women if you don't believe me.

Why hasn't this worked for Russian men? No idea.

We also shouldn't forget that Russian women are masters of deception and exaggeration. Believe me when I tell you that without the make-up, the push up bra, the figure-hugging dress, the heels, the done hair and the Instagram filters, they suddenly look a lot more normal and closer to the kind of women you usually see.

2. Why are Russian women so emotional?

Undoubtedly, the jealousy of Russian women can sometimes get...out of hand. But why?

I would attribute that to the low influence that femininsm has had for many decades and the prevalence of traditional dating arrangements.

Feminism as it exists in Western countries is a niche phenomenon in Russia. You can meet feminists in the bigger cities but a majority of Russian females still subscribes to traditional gender roles. Which means that they dream of having one man all to themselves, having a family, raising children and all that. Polyamory or friends with benefits? No thanks.

So when the guy cheats? (which is perfectly common in Russia)

All hell breaks loose.

But in the day and age of online dating and social media apps, both sides are playing the field. Women have hordes of potential suitors and men try to get some on the side. They front a traditional dating life but that clashes with reality.

Remember what you learned in physics about what happens when two forces crash into each other with great velocity: a lot of energy is realeased. That's exactly what happens when your Russian girlfriend finds out that you were cheating.

So why don't they take it easier and less serious like American women? Because 99% of Russian girls dream of being a princess. I'll explain why in the next point.

3. Why are Russian women so cunning?

Russians have excellent "girl game". They know how to take advantage of a weak man and how to get what they want without having to give up anything. They are cunning.

But as I said, they also dream of being princesses and having a knight in white armor sweep them up from their feet and take them away to his castle.

How do these two go together?

Recall that historically, Russia has been the target of invasions every few decades. I mean there's a lot of land there so yea, of course their neighbors would be interested in that. Invasions mean instability. Invasions mean war. Later when invasions stopped, we had financial and constitutional crises.

In short, every few years some sort of shit is going down in Russia. A war, a currency devaluation or a regime change. Not exactly the type of environment in which women can develop independence and attain some sort of stability.

That's why Russian women LOVE the provider types. That's why they have the notorious gold digger label. That's also why they don't want to pay for anything. That's a man's job.

​"Man must provide. Woman must be beautiful."

That is how they think. It's the rawest and most unfiltered side of how women really are. It's the true female nature. Which doesn't mean that all Russians will all the time try to outhustle and scam you. They simply are looking out for themselves.

4. Why are Russian women so well-dressed?


You pretty much heard it in the last point. A man's job is to be a provider and make money. A woman's job is to be beautiful and raise kids. That's Russian female thinking in a nutshell.

Are there some differences between big cities and provinces?

Yes. This is less prevalent in the big cities and more in the provinces.

Do all women think like that?

No. But most do.

Hence, why a Russian girl will never leave the house dressed like a slob. Unfortunately, the times of permanent heels and skirts are over. At least in Moscow, most dress more "stylish" rather than sexy or feminine. So perceptions are starting to shift in Russia as well. At night though, or to events like going to the theater or even going to a date, most girls will still make an effort.

Russia is, therefore, in a curious limbo. On the one hand, it's not totally Westernized and girls still try to look good and be feminine. On the other hand, it's nothing like it was even 10-15 years ago. Hideous haircuts and ridiculous senses of fashion have, sadly, spread in Russia too.

5. Why are Russian women so feminine?

With all that said, you should understand by now why Russia's women are the most feminine in the world:

  •     A harsh unwelcoming environment
  •     A history of hardships
  •     No feminism
  •     Unreliable, cheating, drunk men
  •     A plethora of competition

It's not easy to be a girl from Russia, right? Maybe you saw the video with the queue of hotties in my post on how to meet Russian girls. Laugh all you want but when you have that money beautiful ladies, it becomes a challenge to stand out. So you need to be at the top of your game, not only in terms of looks but in terms of your character as well. Real men love the company of a beautiful, classy, feminine woman. That's what Russians excel at. They know how to make you feel desired and powerful. Which is exactly why they are so desirable.

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