A perfect combination of intelligence and beauty, the nuclear engineering student became Miss America

Washington: A nuclear engineering student has won the title of Miss America.

According to media reports, the Miss America pageant was held in the beautiful state of Connecticut. In the pageant, 20-year-old Grace was given the title of Miss America. In the Miss America pageant, Grace surprised the judges by playing the violin skillfully.

Keep in mind that who won the Miss America pageant, has also been Miss Wisconsin Grace.

Stanke, a 20-year-old nuclear engineering student at the University of Wisconsin, was awarded a $50,000 cash scholarship. She also won the $2,500 talent scholarship earlier in the week after wowing the judges with a classical violin performance during the preliminary competition.

The Miss America competition came two months after the Miss USA pageant made headlines after contestants claimed it was rigged in favor of Miss Texas.

Unlike the Miss USA pageant, Miss America no longer features swimsuit or evening gown competitions.

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