Top 8 Reasons Why Punjabi Girls Are The Best!

Punjabi desi girls have always been among the sexiest and hottest girls in North India. Kareena Kapoor Khan in ‘Jab We Met’ and Sonakshi Sinha in ‘Son of Sardar’ both look charming Punjabi kudiaan. It’s exciting to learn why Punjabi girls are the best! Here are a few special reasons for you.

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8. She uses ‘Ji’ word a lot!

Punjabi girls have a natural habit of saying ‘Ji’ everywhere. Even when she is angry, she will say, “mummy Ji mennu apke naal koi gal ni Karni”! Aren’t girls? This is a very nice habit, but it is a genuine form of respect even when you are angry or do not want to talk.

Some people lose their cool and use abusive language; this is a very cool and appreciated practice among Punjabi girls. All the best to all the Punjabi girls.

7. She is a blend of Punjabis and Funjabis!

She has a fantastic sense of humor, and you will thoroughly enjoy her company! She can make humor out of anything! The best thing about her is that she can even make fun of herself and laugh even harder. This distinguishes her from others.

You can find her teasing you about trivial matters. Punjabi girls know how to make humor out of unusual situations. Punjabi girls have a habit of using jokes to control situations. You will never find them harboring grudges or taunting someone, as almost every other girl does. That is a very admirable trait of Punjabi girls.

6. She is like Foods – khana everywhere!

Punjabi girls love their “khana aur bass khana”! You simply serve delectable dishes such as Maki ki Roti, Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni to Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Chicken Tikka, and she is ready to go. She doesn’t mind gaining weight for these delectable dishes.

Punjabi girls aren’t foodies, but they try to make everyone into one.

Take this, eat this, let’s have this, taste this, it’s okay, let’s have this more, let’s adjust this food in our stomachs, Punjabi girls say. It is beneficial to be a foodie to maintain optimal health. It’s fine if you’re putting on weight.

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