Laal Rang actress Pia Bajpiee refused to work on projects that had 'unnecessary vulgar & skin show'

Kollywood & Bollywood actress, model Pia Bajpee garnered a lot of accolades for her performance in Laal Rang due to her skillful performance.

Huge boobs model Pia Bajpee discusses how she recently turned down assignments because of "unnecessary flesh display" in an interview.

"Watching movies on a big screen makes the subject seem more real," she asserted. The theatrical release and digital distribution have significant differences. Personally, I'll never be content if my movies are exclusively available on OTT. However, the current situation is exceedingly unpredictable, and the actors have very little control over it. Additionally, I still find it challenging to identify successes or failures on digital media.

"Good work is defined differently for various performers," she continued. It is and always will be that I don't want to participate in anything offensive and insensitive. I've declined a good deal of tasks because they required needless skin exposure. I can't engage in activities that make me uncomfortable while viewing them on television. For this reason, whether in regional space or not, you will only see me doing important characters. In so many respects, movies like Ko, Laal, or Dalam have validated my assertions.

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