How To Tell If Someone have Jealousy from You – Top 10 Signs of Jealous People

How To Tell If Someone have Jealousy from You – Top 10 Signs of Jealous People
How To Tell If Someone have Jealousy from You – Top 10 Signs of Jealous People

Jealousy is a very common emotion in these days among humans, that can be without doubt found among many, but rarely displayed. While a small piece of jealousy never hurts you, but when it is left to make bitter, it is more harsh than anything else. If you are so pretty, you have much wealth then others have, you are more successful than others, you have much beautiful and sexiest girlfriend or boyfriend, your are more intelligent other than your classmates even at every stage of your successful life you will be face this jealousy factor in your surroundings.

If you feel like you are being envied by anyone in your life, a little too much but are not really sure if it is jealousy or not, read this article to find out more about people around you.

1. Someone giving you the green eye?

We always have a friend who is just too good to be true, and we can’t help but look up to them. They might be beautiful or exceptionally talented, or just down-right an amazing person. Honestly, you can’t help but be a little envious of them. But that kind of positive envy enables you to become a better person as you want to be as good as they are.

But what happens when that envy turns into bitter jealousy? Where you can’t help but hate them for existing, and everything they do riles you up? Now that is nothing but damage waiting to happen.

Have you been feeling such energy from someone around you, but you can’t really put a finger on whether they are jealous of you or not? Why not take a look at these signs and help understand your friends better?

2. False praises and compliments

Among other things, people who are signs of jealousy are prone to be double-faced. In front of you, they would never let you know about their jealous attitude, while behind you, they would reveal their true side. Such people tend to be overly supportive, friendly, and comforting in front. However, they might be the reason behind the nasty rumors about you.

In such instances, choose your friends wisely and be sure to not share things about yourself with everyone and anyone. Being friends with many but being close to a chosen few is what makes life better.

3. People copying your actions

Remember that these people want to be better than you at everything. Thus, it is natural for them to copy your moves, your habits, and your ideals. They would almost try and be you. However, upfront they would never accept it and may even come to violently disagree if confronted.

If one of your friends starts dressing up like you, talking like you, or starts copying your habits and likings, and makes it seem like it was theirs to begin with, they are simply jealous.

It is one thing to respect and follow, and another thing to obsess over things that someone else has. They might not even like what you are doing, but just because you have it, they need to have it too. What may start as flattering can quickly elevate to being irritating and frustrating. 

4. Showing off to a greater extent

The bottom line for people who are jealous is that they want what you have or something better. No matter how tiny the detail maybe, as long as they are even half a step ahead of you, they will flaunt it as their biggest achievement to date.

They are insecure about their and your positions. Thus no matter how small the achievement, they will talk about it to everyone. If you notice such behavior in your friend, know that they are already down the jealousy road.

5. Bad suggestions and advice

It is obvious at this point that people who are jealous of you would never want you to do well. They have this deep desire to slowly watch you make your descent in life, while they keep climbing up.

Thus, to make that happen, they will purposefully give you bad suggestions and advice, in hopes that things will turn horrible for you. An easy way to recognize such people is to share your plans with them.

They would almost always be the first one to immediately point out the flaws and discourage you from going on with the plan.

6. People will Talks behind your back

They do not want you to succeed. That’s that. The simplest means to do so is to spread rumors about you that would hurt your image and sentiments. In front of you, they would be the sweetest, most supportive people around, but the moment you walk out of the room, they would be the first one to spread a bad word about you.

In their mind, if you fall in the eyes of your common peers or friend, then that makes a chance for them to climb the popularity ladder. The psychology behind people like them is that they are either brimming with anger, disappointment, or anxiety.

They can be very insecure about themselves, and thus would speak badly about people who, according to them, are doing much better.

7. Competes meaninglessly

You would find them competing with you for the smallest of things. You might not even be conscious of it, but in their head, everything involving you is a race that they need to win. They need to show people that they are better than you and that you are not as good as you seem to be.

Such behavior can be very toxic and very frustrating. Their main intention is to outdo you in every situation possible. While friendly competitions are healthy and something that drives both parties to be better, these kinds of competitions just bring on more bitter feelings and frustrations.

8. Always criticizes you

People who are jealous of you always look for an opening to criticize you at the drop of a hat. This kind of behavior is very hard to detect as they will criticize you and then tell you that they are doing it for your own good.

Yes, true friends will point out your flaws so that you become a better person. But these people will be waiting for opportunities to insult you. They almost will be looking forward to every time you mess up so that they can come and rub it in your face.

9. Crossing their legs

This is a psychological sign that you can look for in people who might be jealous of you. Notice if some people around you have the habit of crossing their legs every time you talk of new achievement.

Though there are many causes why one may cross their legs, it is usually when they are insecure and feeling uneasy. If you find someone crossing their legs every time you talk about the good stuff about you, that should give you a fair idea of who the green-eyed person is.

10. Final Words

Along with these signs, the most common indication that will tell you if someone is jealous of you or not is the constant feeling of irritation and frustration.

Being on the taking end of jealousy can be a very unsettling and exhausting feeling when you know someone out there is hell-bent on making you fall.

However, to handle a jealous friend, the best thing for you to do is be the calm one. It may be tempting to step in and show them their place but just don’t.

Of anything, that can make things worse. Instead, try to ignore them as much as possible, and slowly cut them off from your life. Remember, that positivity is the thing that you want in your life, not negativity and toxicity.

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