Netflix fans gobsmacked by 'unhinged' pillow sex scene in kinky new thriller Obsession

Obsession on Netflix is legit porn. I had to stop watching cause it wasn’t suitable for my spirtual life
Obsession on Netflix is legit porn. I had to stop watching cause it wasn’t suitable for my spirtual life

Steamy new thriller Obsession may have gone a step too far with a controversial sex scene which has got viewers talking.

Netflix fans couldn’t believe their eyes during a kinky sex scene in new thriller Obsession.

The BDSM-themed drama follows character William (Richard Armitage) as he embarks on a dangerous affair with his son’s girlfriend, Anna (Charlie Murphy).

As William’s obsession with Anna grows he follows her to Paris, where she is on a romantic weekend away with his son, Jay.

But things went a step too far for viewers when William got into their hotel room and performed a sex act with a pillow.

One fan branded the scene “unhinged”, while another said it was “the first time anyone on a Netflix show has ever humped a cushion”.

Taking to Twitter, another viewer exclaimed: “F***ing hell, was not expecting the pillow sniffing w**k.”

Another joked: “This is why I always take the hotel cushions off the bed & put them far, far away.”

A third wrote: “Me: excited to start a cool, dark, fatal attraction type thriller... Also Me: Ends up watching some middle age Englishman s**g a pillow.”

“Obsession on Netflix is legit porn. I had to stop watching cause it wasn’t suitable for my spirtual life,” a fourth said.

While a fifth added: “Omg this guy is nuts.”

Although the steamy scene has certainly got viewers talking, actor Richard revealed he actually improvised it.

Talking about filming it, he told Metro : “It was really unexpected because it was written as quite a different scene."

He revealed they initially planned to show a tissue with the imprint of Anna’s lipstick on, but producers didn’t feel it worked.

Richard continued: “I was really conscious that it shouldn’t be in any way comedic so we sort of left it quite open and it was a bit of an improvisation actually.

“Charlie had – without me knowing – sprayed her scent that she’d been wearing throughout the shoot into different parts of the bed and I just got the sense of it and that’s where the scene just opened. But the recording of it wasn’t too planned.”

Anna actress Charlie - who viewers will have seen in Peaky Blinders and Happy Valley - says although the sex scenes are intense, the cast had fun on set.

At a press screening for the series, she revealed: “Even though we were naked we felt we had armour and we could have fun. I think it all kind of fell into place in the rehearsal.

“In previous jobs, you’d be knocking at someone’s door at 6am going ‘Hi, sorry I know you’re probably getting ready and eating breakfast, but do you mind if I touch your bum in that moment. OK, I’ll see you on set’, that happens."

She added: “So it was such a joy not having to deal with any of that and be afforded time... for me, it makes everything so much richer.”

The four-part series dropped on Netflix on April 13 and is based on Josephine Hart’s novel, Damage.

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