Bella Hadid Bra Size & Cup Size

Bella Hadid is a model, actress, and designer. She has graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her tall and slim body also allowed her to walk in numerous fashion shows for brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

I’m going to look into Bella Hadid’s bra size and what it means for her modeling career.

Bella Hadid Bra Size & Cup Size
Bella Hadid Bra Size & Cup Size

What Bra Size Is Bella Hadid?

Bella Hadid’s bra size is 32B. This means her bust measures 33 to 34 inches, with a band size of 31 to 32 inches and a B cup.

Her 32B size is typical among runway and commercial models because small breasts won’t get in the way of the silhouette of the clothes. This is why fellow model Kendall Jenner also wears 32B bras.

Her bust sizing versatility lets her size down to 30C lingerie or 34A bikini tops. Hence, Bella Hadid can sister size with American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, who has a 34A bra size.

Benefits of Small Boobs

Don’t Have Back Pain

Ladies blessed with small breasts can avoid the dreaded back pain. Breast weight can cause your shoulders to move forward, which forces the muscles in your back and shoulder blades to adjust. Having less weight in front means your torso can easily carry your breasts, and the weight doesn’t need to be redistributed.

Can Easily Sleep On Your Stomach

Another advantage of having small breasts is that you can comfortably sleep on your stomach without it being painful on your chest. There’s no need to toss and turn at night to prevent squashing your breasts. It’s also fairly easy to choose sleep clothes, like comfortable sleep bras and lingeries.

Can Go Braless

One of the best things about being small-chested is that if you don’t want to wear a bra, you don’t have to! At their core, bras are meant to support your boobs, and when you are an A or B cup, you don’t need a bra for this purpose.

Bella Hadid’s bra size is 32B.
Bella Hadid’s bra size is 32B.

Drawbacks of Small Boobs

Sports Bras Can Flatten Breasts Too Much

Sports bras are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, even if you have small breasts. However, some sports bras with minimizers have the potential to flatten your chest by compressing more breast tissue. It’s like watching your small breasts disappear once you wear a sports bra as a top.

Have a Less of a Figure

Small breasts can give your physique a straight, slim appearance. If your shoulders and hips are the same width, having a flat chest can also make you feel shapeless. Because of this, you might find yourself gravitating towards wearing push-up bras for small chests.

Gaps Form Between Your Boobs and the Bra

When you have A-B sized breasts, it’s not uncommon for a gap to form between your chest and the bra you’re wearing. This is because your boobs are not large enough to fill the bra. Even if you try sizing down to a smaller bra, you might experience this issue.


Bella Hadid has a 32B bra size. She is known for her fashion sense and being an advocate for body positivity. Her small breasts enable her to mix and match clothing, including crop tops, baggy pants, sheer blouses, and vintage blazers.

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