Ashley Graham Bra Size & Cup Size

Ashley Graham is an American model and an activist who has been the face of several major campaigns and runways for international brands. She’s the first plus-size model featured in Sports Illustrated’s lingerie campaign.

In this article, I will take a closer look at Ashley Graham’s bra size and how it has helped her to become one of the most successful plus-size models in fashion today.

Ashley Graham Bra Size & Cup Size
Ashley Graham Bra Size & Cup Size

What Bra Size Is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham’s bra size is 38D. Apart from her D cups, she has a band measurement of 34 to 35 inches and a bust size ranging from 41 to 42 inches.

She can size down to 36DD or 36E and size up to 40C, allowing her to model plus-size lingerie and swimsuits realistically. Her natural breasts carry a lot of weight, so they tend to drop lower unless she wears 38D well-fitting bras.

Ashley Graham shares almost the same bust measurements as plus-size singer Jill Scott, who wears 38DD bras. Despite having a similar band size, she is still two cups larger than actress Sunny Leone, who has a 38B bra size.

Benefits of Large Breasts

Help Conceal a Larger Figure

If your stomach is a little larger than you’d like it to be (or maybe you had a bit too much to eat that day), larger boobs can do wonders in concealing the size of your belly. Bigger stomachs are less noticeable when you have breasts that are at least a D cup, because your boobs are already sticking out at least 4 inches. Your big cups give the appearance of balancing your torso by emphasizing your bustline more than your stomach, waist, and hips.

Can Fill Cups Easily

Large breasts easily fill out bras. You’ll avoid the awkward gaping that happens with smaller cup sizes, which can often create awkward lines through your shirt. You can also get away with bras that have minimal padding since your breasts will fill these.

Look Good in Strappy Bras

Do you want to wear a cage bra or wear a strappy bralette for a boudoir shoot or as lingerie? These styles can have several straps along the shoulders, back, and neckline. The extra chest volume ensures the straps rest flat against the body without looking awkward.

Ashley Graham’s bra size is 38D.
Ashley Graham’s bra size is 38D.

Drawbacks of Large Breasts

Have Puffy Areolas and Large Nipples

The areola is the pigmented round area on the breasts, whereas the nipples show the actual projection of the areolas. Bigger breasts also come with larger and more sensitive nipples. Weather and garment fabric can sometimes cause the nipples to protrude more, so you may need to wear a bra with sweat-proof liners.

Prone to Chafing and Rashes

The bra band’s constant rubbing and friction could lead to perspiration, chafing, and breast inflammation. This could cause scars, rashes, and deep grooves around your breasts. Moisture buildup in the folds of your skin around your breasts can worsen the condition if you have an allergy to certain textiles.

Might Hear Body Jokes and Unsolicited Comments

It can be a major pet peeve when other breast sizes aren’t chastised for wearing a tank top, yet large breasts seem to lack modesty for using the same style. There’s the assumption that you’re seeking attraction by being too sexual, and this can be mentally draining at times.


Ashley Graham has a bra size of 38D. She uses her work as a body-positive advocate to help women be more appreciative of their physique and breast shape. If you have this bra size, make sure to invest in bras that can offer complete lift, shaping, and support.

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