Blake Lively Bra Size & Cup Size

Blake Lively is an actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She’s best known for her roles in Gossip Girl, The Shallows, and A Simple Favor.

Her bra size has been a topic of discussion for many years now. She continues to speak up against body image expectations, especially after giving birth to three children. I’ll talk about Blake Lively’s bra size and how it contributed to her success as a fashion star.

Blake Lively Bra Size & Cup Size
Blake Lively Bra Size & Cup Size

What Bra Size Is Blake Lively?

Blake Lively’s bra size is 32C. This implies she wears bras with C cups to support her 34 to 35-inch bust and 28 to 30-inch band.

Her bra size is common among actresses her age. For example, 34-year-old Snooki also has a 32C bra size. Lively is way taller than Snooki, so her breasts look fairly smaller.

She can sister size to a 30D or a 34B. This means she and fellow actress Megan Fox, who wears 34B bras, can share bra styles. Blake Lively uses off-the-shoulder, bustier, and deep-V necklines on her clothing to draw attention to her breasts.

Benefits of C Cup Breasts

Have Great Cleavage

C cups serve as a middle ground between small and large breasts. They won’t give you a deep cleavage, although it’s better than a completely flat bustline. Bras such as push-up bras and plunge bras will help give you cleavage that looks awesome in deep-v shirts and dresses.

Ideal for Taping Breasts

Do you require some coverage and support, yet you’re wearing an outfit that won’t work with a normal bra or a sports bra? With proper use, boob tape can hold C-sized boobs firmly in any position you like. This allows you to wear tricky tops without worrying about straps falling down the shoulders or cups showing through the neckline.

Can Wear Sleep Bras Comfortably

Regardless of your sleeping posture, it’s ideal to use a well-made sleep bra if you notice your breasts shifting to the side. At C cup breasts, you won’t have large enough breasts to feel too restricted by the cups as you sleep.

Blake Lively’s bra size is 32C.
Blake Lively’s bra size is 32C.

Drawbacks of C Cup Breasts

Possibility of Underarm Fat

Weight gain, genetics, and an ill-fitting bra can cause underarm fat. As your breasts get bigger, there’s also the possibility of forming side fat. This typically becomes more noticeable when your cup size is a C or bigger. When this happens, you might find yourself searching for bras that help reduce visible underarm fat.

Breasts Grow to D or DD Cups During Pregnancy 

It’s very common for your breasts to increase one or two cup sizes during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. When boobs grow to D cups and beyond, you can start to experience back and shoulder pain. While your chest will generally shrink back down once you are done breastfeeding, having larger breasts for a period of time can be uncomfortable.

Might Attract Unwanted Attention

While C cups are average-sized, they are still pretty noticeable if you have a large band size or are shorter in height. This can make you feel slightly self-conscious as people take notice of your bust size and styling choices, especially if you are wearing tight clothing.


Blake Lively has a 32C bra size. From iconic red carpet gowns to everyday pantsuits, Lively knows how to display her assets, balancing her average-sized breasts with her tall and slim figure.

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