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Kat Dennings Bra Size & Cup Size

American actress and producer Kat Dennings is best recognized for her work on Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Dollface, 2 Broke Girls, and Thor.

She is outspoken about her experience of body-shaming because of her bust. I’ll talk about Kat Dennings’ bra size in this context, including its merits and drawbacks.

Kat Dennings Bra Size & Cup Size
Bra Size Measurement & Cup Size | A, B, C, D, DD Bra Sizes and Extra Large Breasts

What Bra Size Is Kat Dennings?

Kat Dennings has a bra size of 34DD. She sports DD cups to support and lift her heavy bust, measuring 38 to 39 inches. A band ranging from 30 to 32 inches also helps shape her breast tissue.

This bra size is typical among women with voluptuous, hourglass bodies. For instance, singer Christina Aguilera rocks a 34DD bra to flatter her hourglass figure. While Dennings can easily create cleavage for sweetheart necklines, some people think wearing them with 34DD breasts lacks modesty.

Kat Dennings can consider 32DDD, 32F, and 36C as sister sizes. This means she can sister size with actress Sofia Vergara, who has a 32F bra size and a voluptuous physique.

Benefits of Large Cup Sizes

Have Effortless Cleavage

The ability to get amazing cleavage without even trying is maybe one of the most notable benefits of having huge breasts. You won’t have to stuff your bra or wear a clingy push-up bra for D cups. Low-cut and V-neck dresses can help to further emphasize your cleavage and work great for date nights!

Look Good in Strappy Bras

Do you want to wear a provocative cage bra or a simple bralette for large breasts for a boudoir shoot or as lingerie? These styles can have several straps along the shoulders, back, and neckline. The extra chest volume ensures the straps rest flat against the body without looking awkward.

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Kat Dennings has a bra size of 34DD.
Kat Dennings has a bra size of 34DD.

Drawbacks of Large Cup Sizes

Can be Difficult to Sleep on Your Stomach

Forget about sleeping on your stomach or lying face down to sunbathe. Attempting to do so will only smash your breasts and make you uncomfortable if you do this for a long period of time. Unless you put a pillow on your hips, sleeping in this position will only apply unnecessary pressure to the chest.

Have Puffy Areolas and Large Nipples

The areola is the pigmented round area on the breasts, whereas the nipples show the actual projection of the areolas. Bigger breasts also come with larger and more sensitive nipples. Weather and garment fabric can sometimes cause the nipples to protrude more, so you usually have to wear thickly-lined bras.

Inevitable Uni-Boob Look

Large breasts can develop a “uni-boob look” when wearing an unstructured bra without underwire. Since there is no structured center gore to help separate the breasts, a uni-boob can also happen when wearing sports bras for running with large breasts. Lack of support from the cups, straps, and bands can also restrict the breast tissue rather than lift it.


Kat Dennings has a 34DD bra size. Her physique and height draw attention to her bust measurement, which is among the largest bra sizes. Full-coverage bras with a wired underband and boned side panels can effectively contain her breast tissue.

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