My Fault's Nicole Wallace filmed first kiss scene 'over and over' due to nerves

Prime Video's unpredictable romantic drama is based on a series of novels that have taken Spain by storm in recent years.

My Fault star Nicole Wallace (Bra Size) revealed she filmed her first kiss with co-star Gabriel Guevara several times over to get it perfect.

My Fault's Nicole Wallace filmed first kiss scene 'over and over' due to nerves
My Fault's Nicole Wallace filmed first kiss scene 'over and over' due to nerves

Based on a trilogy of Spanish novels by Mercedes Ron, the series is already a hit on TikTok and is finally coming to the screen this week on Prime Video.

In her breakout role, Wallace stars as Noah, an opinionated teen who can’t help but fall for Nick (played by Guevara), the bad-boy son of her mother’s rich new husband. recently had the chance to speak to the cast at My Fault’s premiere in Madrid, where thousands of fans amassed for a sneak peek at the steamy new film.

When asked if there were any scenes they filmed ‘over and over’, she confirmed: “The first kiss. We did that a lot.

“Just the pressure, and we were very nervous,” she said were the scene’s biggest challenges.

“We wanted it to be perfect. We just tried a bunch of different things so we had options.”

Thankfully, Nick and Noah’s palpable chemistry came naturally to the co-stars as they were already very familiar with each other.

“We’ve known each other for four years now,” Wallace said. “So we kind of started our careers together.

“So we have a very nice relationship for starters, and our chemistry is really good, just as friends.

“We had this intimacy coach we worked with every day, and it’s a little dance that we rehearse every day to be comfortable.

“We’re lucky that we have each other, we know each other and we’re really comfortable with each other. It makes all the rest easier.”

Known as the Culpable series, Ron’s trilogy originally blew up on Wattpad before finding an even wider audience when the books were released in stores.

But was Wallace familiar with the novels before landing the role? “Not very”, she admitted. “I didn’t know about it until I got the part.”

However, now she’s been introduced to the world as the face of the series, Wallace assured fans she’s now devoured all three books.

Prime Video is waiting to see how well My Fault performs before getting started on books two and three, but Wallace already knows what she’s most excited for fans to see next.

“Anything related to Jenna (Eva Ruiz),” she teased.

“I didn’t get to do much with this one, so if there’s another one I’d love more screen time with her.”

The film is at least poised to become a smash hit in Spain, and Ron’s sultry tale of forbidden love is also hoped to tantalize audiences from around the world.

My Fault premieres Thursday, June 8 on Prime Video.

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