Nicole Wallace Bra Size & Cup Size (My Fault - Culpa Mía Actress)

Recent Fame: •”My Fault” (Spanish: Culpa mía) (2023) was released on 8 June 2023 and has 6.3 IMDB Rating.

She grew up learning viola and piano and took singing lessons from an early age. She has also been practicing modern dance for more than eight years.


Nicole Wallace Bra Size & Cup Size (My Fault - Culpa Mía Actress)
Nicole Wallace Bra Size & Cup Size (My Fault - Culpa Mía Actress)

What Bra Size Is Nicole Wallace?

Nicole Wallace’s bra size is 75A. She looks so amazing with her small size boobs.

Nicole was born on 22 March 2002, as of 2023 she is 21 years old. She is a Spanish actress and singer. Known for her elegance and poise, Nicole has gained worldwide recognition for films “Skam España” (2018) and “My Fault” (Spanish: Culpa mía) (2023).

Nicole Wallace is a Spanish actress and singer who is best known for “Skam España” (2018), “Parot” (2021), “Vera” (2023), and “My Fault” (Spanish: Culpa mía) (2023). She shot to fame for playing Noah (step-sister) in “My Fault” (2023) opposite Gabriel Guevara. Nicole was born on 22 March 2002 (age 21) in Madrid, Spain to an American father. She also has an older sister, Chloé Wallace, who is a writer, director, and photographer.

Nicole Wallace Height

She’s a beautiful, sweet, and adorable actress who is approximately 1.57 Meters (5 feet 2 Inches) tall and weights around 54 kg (119 lbs). Her impressive height has contributed to his success in portraying romantic characters. 

Body Measurement(approx)

Bra-32 inches

Waist-28 inches

Hips-30 inches

As an accomplished actress, Nicole Wallace has made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry. Her exceptional talent and versatility have earned her widespread recognition and numerous career highlights. In addition to delivering memorable portrayals across a wide range of genres, Wallace has demonstrated a wide range of abilities as an actress. A dedicated fan base and critical acclaim have been earned through her ability to immerse herself in diverse characters. Nicole Wallace captivates audiences with her undeniable talent and remarkable on-screen presence, whether she is appearing in an award-winning indie film or starring in popular television series.

Nicole Wallace’s bra size is 75A.
Nicole Wallace’s bra size is 75A.

Nicole Wallace And Gabriel Guevara

Firstly, both starred in the series “Skam España,’ Nicole Wallace in 38 episodes of season 3, and Gabriel Guevara in 12 episodes. Recently, both stars appeared in the Spanish romance film “My Fault” (Spanish: Culpa mía), released on 8 June 2023. The forbidden romance between 17-year-old Noah (Nicole Wallace) and her rich stepbrother Nick (Gabriel Guevara) in the series gained worldwide recognition. The on-screen chemistry between the stars is now sparked rumors of a possible off-screen romance.

The fans of “My Fault” wonder if Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace are dating in real life and are eagerly waiting for confirmation of their relationship from the stars’ side.

Gabriel has not revealed his girlfriend, but his close relationship with Nicole Wallace has fuelled rumors that they may be more than friends. Their recent Instagram picture of cuddling has sparked speculation about their relationship status. Despite these rumors, both actors have remained tight-lipped and have not confirmed or denied the relationship.

Nicole Wallace Movie My Fault (Spanish: Culpa Mia)

The film is directed by Domingo González and stars Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara. The story is based on a Wattpad story of the same name written by Mercedes Ron. As the plot unfolds, Noah, a 17-year-old girl, is tempted by her rich stepbrother Nick, and their relationship is triggered by Noah’s move into the mansion of William Leister, the husband of Rafaella, Noah’s mother. The film was released on Amazon Prime Video on 8 June 2023. Amazon Prime Video reports that the film achieved the highest opening three-day viewership for any non-English local original in its history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who is Nicole Wallace?

Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio is an actress and singer best known for her roles as Nora Grace in the Spanish version of Skam España and Noah in the Prime Video original film My Fault, based on the Wattpad novel series by Mercedes Ron.

How old is Nicole Wallace? 

She is 21 years old (22 March 2002).

What are Nicole Wallace height and weight?

She stands 1.57 meters tall and has 54 kg of weight.

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