Sania Ashiq Biography, Age, Husband, Father, & Family Details

If you're seeking for a Sania Ashiq biography and are curious about her background. You can get the details right here. We will examine the life and career of MPA Sania Ashiq. Who is Sania Ashiq? will be addressed in this article. And why is she well-known? Continue reading!

Sania Ashiq Biography, Age, Husband, Father, & Family Details
Hot PML-N Leader Sania Ashiq Biography, Age, Husband, Father, & Family Details

Who Is Sania Ashiq?

Sania Ashiq is a well-known politician. She represents the Pakistan Muslim League in the Panjab provincial legislature. In 2018, she took the parliamentary oath at the age of 25, making her one of Pakistan's youngest lawmakers. Sania was chosen for the female-only seats. She is good friends with Maryam Nawaz, the vice president of the party. She is recognized as one of Pakistan's most attractive female lawmakers. You may read about Sania Ashiq's biography and some of her personal and professional secrets in this post.

Sania Ashiq Biography

One of the youngest members of the Pakistani parliament is MPA Sania Ashiq. She was conceived on February 17, 1993. She is a Pakistani native of Lahore. Sania Ashiq Jabeen is her legal name at birth. The young MPA in question is the recently deceased Muhammad Ashiq's daughter. She is polite and is passionate about the advancement of women.

Sania is most likely the first member of Lahore's middle class to be elected. It's true that a lot of people believed She wouldn't get the chance to visit the parliament. It is as a result of the young girl's weak personality. But even at the young age of 25, she participated in the elections. Additionally, she was chosen to serve in the Punjab Assembly. Although it is hardly a political victory, Sania's career has gained more than just momentum. She is also a young, intelligent, and courageous woman who began her political career at a very young age.

Sania Ashiq Age

Sania Ashiq’s age is 29 years old.

Sania Ashiq Education

At City School Lahore, she has finished her foundational coursework. The Punjab University College of Pharmacy, in Lahore, awarded her a PharmD.

Sania Ashiq Family

She and her family are residents of Lahore. Muhammad Ashiq was Sania Ashiq's father, and he died away a few years ago. Her late father worked as a geologist. She is a housewife who is also from Lahore, and so is her mother.

Sania Ashiq Husband

On February 19, 2022, she and Abu Bakar were united in marriage. Lahore was the location of her wedding ceremony. Maryam Nawaz and other top PML-N figures were present during her wedding. On the day of the nikkah, she and her husband both donned matching white and golden dresses. She looked lovely on the day of the reception when she donned a traditional red dress. Here, we've compiled some of the couple's wedding photos. She omitted to include anything about her husband, such as his place of birth or his occupation. When our staff learns more about her spouse, we'll update this page. Keep in touch if you can. Below are pictures from Sania Ashiq's wedding.

Sania Ashiq Political Career

Sania was chosen to represent the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) in the Punjab Assembly at the 2018 general elections. She also serves as Maryam Nawaz's personal aide.

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