"World's Hottest Nurse" Lauren Drain on Top with Instagram Followers

With racy Instagram photos, "World's Sexiest Nurse" gets 3.6 million followers' blood pumping.

Cardiac nurse Lauren Drain, 31, is highly passionate about promoting health, wellness, and quality of life to her patients and clients. She has taken advantage of every chance to do so.

The world's sexiest nurse is a fully qualified cardiac expert who has risen to the top of the social media fitness world, sending 3.6 million people into a frenzy.

Lauren has been a cardiac registered nurse for over 8 years
Lauren has been a cardiac registered nurse for over 8 years

Lauren Drain, a stunning blonde who has worked in the medical field since she was 16 years old, has over 8 years of experience as a cardiac registered nurse. Meet the Sexiest Taiwanese nurse! Carina Linn.

Throughout her long career, she has held a variety of positions, including charge nurse in operating rooms and intensive care units.

This woman is not a wimp; she isn't afraid to get her hands filthy; and she is definitely not "just a model."

The 31-year-old Florida native Lauren has made it a point to share her deep enthusiasm for health, fitness, and quality of life with her patients and clientele.

She thinks the secret to long-lasting health is leading an active lifestyle.

"In my eight years working in healthcare, I have never seen a natural athlete who is experiencing a serious health issue.

Fit, active lives lower the risk of disease and support general wellbeing, so there's a rationale for it.

Lauren realized that her wellness was being negatively impacted by her years of patient care in hospitals.

She made the decision to take charge of her life and set her priorities straight because she was overworked, stressed, overweight, exhausted, and incredibly unhappy. 

She made the decision to adopt a new strategy for how she might assist individuals.

"I wanted to actively avoid sickness rather than just treating things with pills and medications. I wanted to be a healthy, fit, strong, confident lady.

"I wanted to improve my life and help others before they lost control of their health as well," she said.

The ultra-sleek beauty never intended to lead a "fitness model" lifestyle, and most of us can identify with her journey.

I succumbed to the winter and holiday seasons. I made the decision to change for the better because I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I felt much worse.

Since then, she has gained over 3.6 million followers on her private Instagram account, with whom she regularly posts motivational photos of her gorgeous physique and training regimens as well as the occasional seductive snap of herself wearing small lingerie and bikinis.

She loves to travel and experience new things, thus her photos are frequently taken against beautiful scenery all around the world.

Lauren currently runs her own fitness website where she shares her unique combinations of food and training regimens to help others reach their full potential.

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