"World’s Hottest Truck Driver" Ashlea make $120K and work 6 months a year

A FIFO employee who has been branded the "world's hottest truck driver" has disclosed her crazy six-figure pay, which she claims has allowed her to live her "best life."

Ashlea, who is from Perth, used social media to share a peek of her hectic day working in a rural part of Western Australia.

Australian Woman, Called 'World's Hottest Truck Driver', Earns Rs 1 Crore Annually
Australian Woman, Called 'World's Hottest Truck Driver', Earns Rs 1 Crore Annually

She works as a dump truck driver up in the Pilbara mines, working 14 days on and 14 days off. She gets up at 4 am for demanding 12-hour stints in the blistering heat.

But the effort has paid off, as Ashlea now makes $120,000 a year working "six months out of the year" and claims to have a "awesome life".

How can I maintain such a high standard of living while mining? In a TikTok video, Ashlea declared, "I have a great life."Then how do I accomplish this? I get two weeks off every month since I work a two-and-two roster, so I have lots of time to do some pretty fantastic stuff.

"I prioritize doing incredibly fantastic stuff in my life. "I'm always going to events, always partying, always traveling, always eating out, I'm just doing everything that I love to do."

She named a few "contributing factors" that let her live the life of her dreams. I don't have any kids, which is a blessing. I don't have any kids," she said. "Secondly, I don't have a spouse to worry about since I choose to be alone. "My automobile is mine, and I'm not in debt either. My bank account is currently in very good shape thanks to the sale of my investment property.

She continued by detailing her actual salary as a FIFO truck driver. Let's speak about money because we don't have a gatekeeper here, she remarked. This is exactly what I personally received; obviously, various firms may pay differently. She started out as a trainee and was paid $36.50 an hour.

However, she earned a salary raise after the first three months of her employment, raising her hourly compensation to $43.50.

So big a jump, she said.

"That would have brought me to $94,000 to $95,000 annually for the six months for my first year as a greenie (truck driver), so very fantastic for a rookie truckie. "I believe that I would have been promoted to about $46.50 an hour if I had stayed at that site as an experienced truck driver."

She has built a following online for being so open about her FIFO lifestyle.

Ashlea switched contractors once her first year was over, and her new hourly salary rose to $51.50. So that's excellent, she thought.

"The contracting firm I work for really gives you a bonus every month and pays you $2,000 for every month you stay with them, so that could be anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. Therefore, my $51.50 would be almost $112,000 each year. "With my incentives, it may be another $10,000, making my first year's salary $122,000. "I believe it to be quite good for only working six months of the year as a truckie,"

In a brand-new TikTok video, Ashlea reacts in disbelief to a video that claims she is the "world's hottest" truck driver. She is shown in the clip leading her ideal life while a man with an American accent tells her story. "Someone just sent me a video that they made about me online," she stated.

"I laughed the hardest f**king." The title, The World's Hottest Truck Driver, might be a bit excessive, but I still like it. It's like an edited version of my life in America. It's gold. Ashlea said that previous to working in the mines, she had no experience.

She began in "utilities," juggling a variety of jobs including housekeeping, bartending, kitchen help, and security to get her foot in the door. She remarked, "I'll confess the money was crap and it was extremely hard labor.

"I only did it for three months, but it gave me the opportunity to get FIFO experience on my resume. It's so hot, there are so many flies, and it's gross." Ashlea claimed that she repeatedly called a mining construction business till she reached recruiting out of desperation to obtain a better position. She stated that it required "about six phone calls over a few weeks" and that the key is "perssistence."

Finally, she was given the opportunity to participate in a traineeship, where she acquired a variety of skills, including driving a truck and properly handling machinery and equipment. She remarked, "The trucks are very simple to drive." I had the good fortune to be accepted into a truck driver training program for dump trucks with a contractor. Before I arrived at the job site, they held a truck school at their Perth headquarters.

"I had a two-week training program where I learned all there is to know about the truck, the various machinery, and the mining site. Due to my expertise, they were able to send me directly to these sites once I went through them. After that, I quickly flew to the location and began operating the truck since I felt confident.

Ashlea claimed that despite working in challenging circumstances, she enjoys her job since she gets two weeks off each month.

I love to travel, and every month I have two whole weeks off, so that was my main motivation for doing FIFO, she added.

"So even though the two weeks I've been working have been incredibly difficult,... I do tend to romanticize it a little.

It's not always like that; some days are quite long, you're away from your friends and family, you're continuously exhausted, and it's hot.

There are simply so many drawbacks, but in my situation, I get two weeks off, so it's perfectly worth it even though that's the case.

Prior to entering the mining industry, Ashlea claimed she held a regular 8–5 job, but she was still yearning for something completely out of her comfort zone.

She said, "Getting weekends off just wasn't enough for me."

"Because I make a lot more money working FIFO, saving money is easy for me. Having a few investment homes under my belt is one of my objectives.

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