'World's Hottest Trucker' receives a Six-figure Salary

The "hottest trucker in the world" asked to participate in OnlyFans, claiming to already make six figures. Daysen Havoc, 25, is hesitant to launch OnlyFans since she already receives a "six-figure salary," despite being called the "world's hottest trucker" and having admirers imploring her to do so.

Supporters who want the former gymnast to join OnlyFans have dubbed her the "hottest trucker ever" after she became a truck driver. However, Daysen Torgue Havoc, a blonde stunner, is hesitant to create a profile on the sultry membership site because her day job pays an amazing six figures.

'World's Hottest Trucker' receives a Six-figure Salary

She also claims she's not the kind to strip off in front of strangers. The 25-year-old was "rear ended by a drunk driver" in 2016, which put a stop to her promising gymnast career.

However, since then, the stunning petrolhead from Chicago, Illinois, has seen success on the road. Furthermore, she describes herself as being in her "third year making six [figures]" and likens her work to a "permanent vacation." The gorgeous truck driver, who runs the long-hauling (OTR) business Havoc Trucking LLC, has amassed a sizable social media following.

As a "TruckToker," she documents her life as a female driver on Instagram and TikTok.

Worshiping followers have even declared her to be the "hottest trucker ever."

"So you are by far the prettiest woman I've ever seen," a TikToker said.

"Best looking truck driver ever," said someone else.

"Unquestionably the most beautiful truck driver I have ever seen," said a third.

She has received encouragement from a few fans to open an OnlyFans account so she may make even more money. Someone said, "Damn! You may become extremely wealthy. "Trucker is in the sleeper, doing an over-the-road OnlyFans account, and if you want, you could also be a premium lot lizard."

"OnlyFans isn't a career any man values," challenged another.

Daysen was really furious, declaring that she would never give anything to "rude" or "creepy" persons."I ain't ever made a dime off social media," she shot back. And the girls that do have discovered a method to make money off of your identical s**t's creepiness and rudeness.

Daysen's attractiveness amazed several social media users, who couldn't believe she was a truck driver. "Lol..sure you're a truck driver," someone wrote. While other truck enthusiasts ogled the driver and the vehicle."Not sure which is sexier truck or you... definitely you... you are gorgeous," they posted on Instagram.

Another person said, "Drop dead gorgeous." In conclusion, a third said, "I think I just fell in love with you."

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