44H-Bra Size Model called "perfect" after exposing her belly in a figure-hugging ensemble

The 27-year-old Olivia Messina has more than 350,000 Instagram followers. Her body positive outlook on life is highly admired, and she has made it obvious that she will not listen to others when it comes to fashion advice.

Confidence is a key component of sex, which may be why one plus-size model has been called "perfect".

The model made an entrance as she flashed her tum in the metallic outfit
The model made an entrance as she flashed her tum in the metallic outfit

Due to her body positive outlook on life, 27-year-old Toronto, Canada native huge boobs Olivia Messina has amassed over 350,000 Instagram followers. She recently showed off her 44H-Bra size breasts by donning a daring, slinky set. She loves to show off her boobs in provocative clothes.

The brunette cutie looked beautiful in the More About Me Metallic Pant Set from Fashion Nova. She looked fierce as she poured her curves into the figure-hugging garment, looking bold in metallic.

The strappy ensemble was made up of matching pants and a halter top with a deep scoop neck. The gold costume is quite tight and shiny, and it would surely add a little shine to most events.

A cut-out part in the front allowed Olivia to flaunt her tum, and she looked amazing. She certainly attracted attention with her large wavy hair and striking eye makeup.

Her followers couldn't get enough of the way she flaunted her curves while posing for the camera. The model flashed a triumphant smile and cheekily informed her followers that she was in her "bad girl era". 

Since she posted the photos, a number of people have expressed interest in them, and her fans have responded quickly as well. Since then, many who admire Olivia have branded her "gorgeous".

It was told to you, "You look incredible." Another said: "You look fantastic! That shade is excellent."

In response, a third person said, "How not to love her if she is perfect." A fourth person said, "You're perfect just the way you are," in the meanwhile.

Olivia previously told Daily Star that she wouldn't let unfavorable remarks from others to prevent her from dressing how she pleases. Olivia also said earlier this year that she enjoys flaunting her 44H-sized chest.

Whether it's pulling on a tight bikini or sliding into a crop top, she's learned to love her body and encourage others to do the same. She stated at the time: "Water, excellent skincare, carbohydrates, and an IDGAF happy mindset are the secrets to my confident glow.

"I adore dressing in gowns that accentuate my greatest features, which are, in my opinion, my long, voluptuous legs and my 44H-sized breast. I used to detest wearing jeans, but these days I adore doing so when paired with a crop top. And when it comes to swimwear, nothing but bikinis!"

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