'Clean skin' retro photo of Ebanie Bridges in a bikini from her bodybuilding days

This week, Ebanie Bridges shared a photo from her bodybuilding competition that featured her toned abs and noticeably free of tattoos.

A "clean skin" old photo of Ebanie Bridges in a bikini from her bodybuilding days has been posted.

The 37-year-old Blonde Bomber is currently the IBF bantamweight world champion, but when she first began her fitness quest, she wasn't even able to box. In her own Australia, combat sports were off-limits to women until 2008.

The Blonde Bomber Ebanie Bridges reminisced on her bodybuilding physique
Bridges was ripped when she was competing - and had no tattoos

She thus competed as a bodybuilder and worked as a ring girl. She shared a photo to her Instagram story from exactly 11 years ago on Monday, November 20.

She was striking a dramatic contrast to her present appearance by not having any tattoos while posing for the camera in a modest white bikini. Bridges had a ripped body, and she was also flaunting abs.

Her reflection on her previous profession was expressed in the comment "11 years ago... clean skin EB [eyes emoji]." Bridges has had several inks since then, and her left side of the body is mostly covered with different pieces of art.

She told talkSPORT last year that she believes her bodybuilding endeavors have contributed to her success in the boxing ring, saying, "I feel like everything I've done in my life has led me to this point."

From the time I began martial arts at the age of five until the present, every step of the journey has led me to pursue combat sports. I feel like boxing was meant to be my career.

"After playing football, I turned to bodybuilding, which helped me gain a lot of strength that I still use today in boxing, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with combat sports.

"If I hadn't have done body building for the past 10 years, I might have looked like all the other girls that are just boxing and don't have that physicality, so that's something that's definitely helped me."

For her first fight in a year, Bridges will make her ring comeback next month, much to the delight of fight fans. On December 9, she will take on Avril Mathie, another Australian, at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

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