Cricket World Cup player was 'motivated to century' by the girl he had slept with the night before

A player competing in the Cricket World Cup said that a female he slept with the night before the match "inspired him to score a century."

The top players in cricket often compete at the World Cup, hoping to take their country to victory.

Cricket World Cup star was 'inspired to century' by girl who he'd bedded night before
Cricket World Cup star was 'inspired to century' by girl who he'd bedded night before

But certain players seem to need to look for inspiration more than others, and one player in particular discovered it the night before a game—under the covers of his hotel room.

Herschelle Gibbs, the notorious cricket bad boy and former opening batsman for South Africa Cricket Team, revealed all in his book "To The Point." He described how he was "inspired" by the hotel employee he had slept with the night before and wrote, "I just knew I was going to get a century." Maybe I was inspired by the girl who was sleeping next to me. Gibbs is dating Dana Nemeth since 2022.

She was employed by the hotel where I had become friends with her. She was definitely my lucky charm when it came to my batting, so I suppose that's why. All I wish she could have done was help me with my fielding and the stupid catch that was dropped.

Aside from opening a can of worms on an orgy he had with a teammate, his infamous bad boy reputation also caused him to write lyrically: "Two beds, two cricketers, and three women." However, one of them was simply lying on the bed and wasn't too enthusiastic. Which was okay because there was sufficient for everyone. But the other two gals did a great job of it.

In 1996, Gibbs made his ODI debut for South Africa. A month later, he received his maiden test cap. In the 2007 Cricket World Cup, he also made history as the first batsman to knock six sixes in a single over throughout his 14-year career.

But his behavior off the field is also well documented. He acknowledged to team manager Goolam Rajah in 2001 that he and other South African players had used marijuana to commemorate winning a test series in the West Indies.

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