F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo stripper warning before of Las Vegas Grand Prix

Driver Daniel Ricciardo of AlphaTauri has been cautioned to be on the lookout for potential new challenges when Formula 1 holds its inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix on Sunday.

In Sunday's first Las Vegas Grand Prix, drivers of Formula 1 will have to dodge more than just chicanes and hairpins.

Daniel Ricciardo has been told to watch out for strippers in Las Vegas

Alien dancers might be one of the challenges, Daniel Ricciardo has been warned, as Sin City gets ready to stage a wild party in Nevada. The AlphaTauri driver was promoting the race's inception in Vegas this week on The Jimmy Kimmel Show when the conversation veered to further titillating diversions that may occur.

"You gotta be careful though because you know, there are people with like Margaritas and uh, Daquiris that are like four-and-a-half feet tall," said Kimmel. "Don't underestimate the possibility that you may run someone over, okay? I'm urging, "If you see a red light, stop!"

As if trying to hold off the rest of the field wasn't a difficult enough chore for Ricciardo? "I guess what you're saying is there's 19 others that I have to watch out for but it could be more?" the Australian said, playing up to the idea.

"There may be thousands! Kimmel said, "There may be magicians and strippers strolling over. "You want to avoid hitting a stripper!"

As Ricciardo attempts to give AlphaTauri's campaign some late life in the last race of the year, a stripper on the track is the last thing he needs. Midway through this season, the Australian was given back a starting drive by the Italian manufacturer, and they reached an agreement that would last until the end of 2024.

Despite having only competed in five races in 2023, Ricciardo, 34, is still in the lead above five other competitors who have at least as much—if not more—experience as he thus far in the season. Bosses would be happy to see the former Red Bull and McLaren driver replicate his impressive performance from two weeks ago in Mexico, when he finished in seventh place.

The same won't apply to the strippers in the unlikely event that any of the onlookers decide to get involved. The season-ending match in Abu Dhabi is likely to have a significantly more somber atmosphere than the one in Vegas, almost certainly because of this.

That's not to say Ricciardo and company won't have time to enjoy Nevada's nightlife when all the racing is over. Mercedes' employees might not be able to fully enjoy the event, though, since chief Toto Wolff forbade gambling on the team.

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