Sports host's bikini is mocked by fans for being "made of steel" in an eye-popping photo

After sharing two provocative photos from Lake Como, Maria Arreghini left people gasping, with some even joking that her bikini top was made of steel.

After Maria Arreghini, an internet influencer who loves sports, posted a photo from Lake Como, her fans quipped that her bra is "made of steel."

Arreghini, a former model, has not hesitated to flaunt her appearance on social media. It is said that she has a breast size of 36F (bra and cup size).

The blonde bombshell hosts her own sports show
The blonde bombshell hosts her own sports show. Maria Arreghini shared the snaps from the picturesque Lake Como.

Maria was sitting on a boat on the picturesque lake, her ample endowments barely hidden by her tight swimsuit. "I've been through some tough times in my life, but what my bra is going through makes them nothing!" quipped the gorgeous blonde.

In the comments area, admirers marveled about Maria's gorgeous appearance, earning the photo over 60,000 likes. Some made jokes about her bikini top being "made of steel."

"No swimming lessons needed for her, she can float on her own," one user joked. "Your bikini top has to be made out of steel!" a second person said.

A third said, "We're hoping for a summer full of photos like these." Another person said, "Remove that bra." It's simply pleading for forgiveness!"

Maria frequently sends fans' hearts racing with seductive photos on social media, but the blonde beauty also hosts a sports program where she talks about football and boxing.

Numerous others have taken notice of Maria's photos on Instagram, including Conor McGregor, who got 'busted' by followers for showing interest in them.

By sharing an old clip of the fighter laughing and having a good time, fans made fun of the UFC legend's continuous admiration. Others, on the other hand, were more explicit about McGregor's purported attraction to the blonde bombshell.

Not only is Ewan McGregor one of the athletes that Maria is close to, but she recently spoke with Premier League icon Adel Taarabt.

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