Topless Kendall Jenner ditches bra and shirt bares in sizzling Calvin Klein campaign

Kendall Jenner forgoes a bra and blouse in favor of a sensual topless Calvin Klein ad

Reality star Kendall Jenner's provocative topless Calvin Klein ad, in which she left little to the imagination, has fans hot under the collar.

In a sensual topless picture session for a Calvin Klein campaign, Kendall Jenner has had everyone's pulse racing.

She posted one snap in some black underwear
She posted one snap in some black underwear

The singer, wearing an open black jacket and forgoing her top and bra for the raucous photo shoot, looked amazing as she struck a pose. In order to accentuate her arched back and toned abs, she also donned low-rise jeans and unbuttoned the top button.

Her attractive facial features were framed by her unruly raven-colored hair that fell about her face. She seems to have chosen to flaunt her inherent beauty without wearing any makeup.

The singer was splayed over a sofa in a different photo that she shared at the same moment, wearing nothing but a little black thong and a plunging black bra. Instantly, Kendall's devoted following poured into the comments section to show their admiration for the Kardashian star.

"Kendall the hottest female on planet earth," said one fan. As someone else remarked, "What a woman." Someone else said, "What a woman." One more person said, "You are insanely beautiful."
One more user commented, "This post seems to be a revenge post... hmm." This comes after Kendal's mysterious letter from last week, which had fans wondering if she and her lover Bad Bunny were no longer together. 

Jenner recently shared a cryptic message that made fans wonder whether she and Bad Bunny had split.
Jenner recently shared a cryptic message that made fans wonder whether she and Bad Bunny had split

"What's meant for me, will simply find me," is how Kendall described a photo she shared online of a stunning sunset. Quick comments from her followers included the following: "Sounds like a break-up post" and "Damn bro, who hurt you!!!"

The rapper and reality personality were first spotted together in February 2023 when they were spotted leaving Wally's in Beverly Hills. "Things are going really well for Kendall and Bad Bunny and she definitely sees long-term potential with him," a source told UsWeekly in May. 

"He treats her like a total gentleman, and she feels like he's the whole package."The insider went on to say that the artist's confidence has "really attracted" her.

She expressed her gratitude that he gets along with all of her pals and stated, "They are having a great time together." They are such good matches on so many levels, and she is loving getting to know him more and more each day.

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