'World's Sexiest Halloween Costume Yet' is worn by Emma Jones

Emma Jones quips about "dressing like a s**t" while donning the "sexiest Halloween costume yet."

Fans were waiting impatiently for sports broadcaster Emma Louise Jones to reveal her year's Halloween costume in a playful TikTok.

She joked about "dressing like a s**t" before revealing her outfit

The "Sexiest Halloween Costume Yet" that Emma Louise Jones teased her fans with was really a gigantic pumpkin.

In anticipation of All Hallows' Eve on Tuesday, the 33-year-old sports broadcaster got into the spirit of the spooky season over the weekend. Her choice of attire caught on, but admirers weren't prepared for it.

She flaunted it on social media in a TikTok that used a line from Mean Girls' Cady Heron, portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. "In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total s**t and no other girls can say anything about it," said Emma.

Emma's "sexiest costume yet" turned out to be a giant pumpkin
Emma's "sexiest costume yet" turned out to be a giant pumpkin

The humorous moment occurred as the camera panted to her wearing an inflatable pumpkin, hat, and orange tights. "My sexiest Halloween costume yet..." was the description she wrote on her photo.

She has around a million followers on all platforms, so her fans weren't too discouraged. A shout went out, "Hottest pumpkin I ever saw."

"Yep, but you still manage to look fire," countered a second. "Still absolutely slaying it to be honest," was the response from a third person, who mirrored the opinion.

"No tricks here, just pure joy," a fourth said cheekily. However, a fifth said, "Some job ordering a pint at the bar in that."

The get-up made eating tricky - but Emma still managed to get through her takeaway

When Emma attempted to eat while wearing the strangely designed outfit, she did run into trouble. She was shown sitting down with a takeout box laying in front of her in a subsequent clip.

She was overheard remarking, "Hey, where there's a will, there's a way," as she triumphantly boasted, "and managed to eat an entire takeaway without spilling a single grain of rice on my pumpkin." Seen as I say."

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