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'World's Sexiest Tennis Influencer' Rachel Stuhlmann tries out new sport in tiny top

Rachel Stuhlmann has been dubbed the 'world's sexiest tennis influencer' and wants to challenge Paige Spiranac. She wowed fans in high heels and a tiny blue top as she tried out basketball.

The 'World's Sexiest Tennis Influencer' joked that she should stick to tennis after posing in a tiny top as she showed off her questionable basketball skills.

Who is Rachel Stuhlmann, World’s No.1 tennis Influencer
Who is Rachel Stuhlmann, World’s No.1 tennis Influencer?

Rachel Stuhlmann scored a slam dunk with her fans in her latest video but she wasn't quite the hotshot when it came to her basketball abilities

Dribbling the ball across a tennis court, the 31-year-old took a shot which missed not only the hoop but the backboard completely. 

The brunette stunner then turned and laughed at her lack of shooting skills, before the video switched up to the sport she does excel at - tennis.

Stuhlmann has more than 296,000 followers on Instagram, where she mercifully focuses on tennis rather than basketball.

She is widely regarded as the ‘World’s Sexiest Tennis Influencer’ for her series of audacious selfies, photo shoots, and videos.

Previously she has said her ambition is to carve herself out a sizeable chunk in the influencing space, just like the former Sexiest Woman Alive holder Paige Spiranac.

Rachel Stuhlmann is ready to swap clay for grass with Wimbledon hurtling around the corner
Rachel Stuhlmann is ready to swap clay for grass with Wimbledon hurtling around the corner

Spiranac is regularly seen sporting low-cut golf tops and minimalistic bras and swimsuits, and has gained a massive 3.7million followers on Instagram in the process, so it is very easy to see why Stuhlmann is trying to follow in her footsteps.

Some of Stuhlmann’s fellow influencers have chosen to use the popular content-sharing site OnlyFans in addition to what they post on their social media platforms.

While the brunette is interested in appearing on a subscription-based site, she plans to create her own based on tennis

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