A new study has found out who has the 'World's Biggest Penis'

According to a study, Britain has the largest penises, with men there being above average.

Good news for British people: a recent study found that UK men's dong length is 'above average' globally. But for Thai guys, the situation is rather different.

"What matters is what you do with it, not how big it is," says the old proverb.

A new study has found out who has the 'World's Biggest Penis'
A new study has found out who has the 'World's Biggest Penis'

But as we all know, a lot of men are self-conscious about how big their penis is and how it compares to other men's. You'll be happy to hear that we have some positive news for British people.

An international survey has found that UK males have dongs that are 'above average' in length. Fantastic work, guys.The typical man's erect penis measures between 5.1 inches (12.9 cm) and 5.5 inches (13.92 cm), according to the World Population Review. Nevertheless, the research indicates that if you're British, you're probably larger than that, with UK males having an average penis length of 5.63 inches (14.3 cm).

According to statistics, the average penis length in Europe is 6.14 inches (15.6 cm) longer in the Netherlands than in any other country.

Conversely, the largest membership in the world appears to originate from Sudan, an African nation. The average measurement for men in this case was 7.07 inches (17.95 cm).

The Democratic Republic of the Congo came in second with an average of 7.06 inches (17.93 cm).

Thailand topped the list with the smallest penis, measuring just 3.71 inches (9.43 cm).

Though the results were self-reported, you would wish to approach the data with caution because many of the participants may have overstated or even underestimated their size.

'Give bias', according to researchers, might exist, with men who had larger penises being more willing to give information and join up for the study.

The information comes from a different research conducted last year that ranked British men 66th on a list of penis sizes overall. According to health specialists at FROM MARS, the average penis size in the UK was 5.17 inches, with Ecuador topping the list at 6.93 inches.

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