An affair can strengthen your marriage, a recent research found

Although most people have strong opinions about infidelity, it turns out that it could be beneficial to your relationship. At least a recent study found that to be the case.

In a survey of 1,400 people who admitted to having an affair, 72% of respondents claimed that their marriage to their spouse had "improved dramatically" as a result of their affair. Fifty-two percent of them even reported that after their partner began cheating on them, their sex life had become more intimate.

A study has revealed cheating has "improved" people's marriages
A study has revealed cheating has "improved" people's marriages

They were behaving like rabbits, bonking up to six times a month, which is three times more than typical, as opposed to romping with their spouse once or twice a month.

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They were also having at least six monthly bonks with their secret lover, increasing their monthly bonk total to twelve. Three times a week is thrice the typical amount for British people.

Nine out of ten respondents who were having a fling acknowledged continuing to have sex with their partner, according to a research conducted by the extramarital dating website When asked if their relationship had been "better" after they began an affair, 72% of respondents responded that it had "improved dramatically," 2% indicated that it had turned into a chilly affair, and 26% replied that nothing had changed. 

When asked if they had had more or less sex with their spouse after beginning an affair, 52% of respondents indicated they had, compared to just 23% who said they had less and 25% who said it remained about the same.

"We polled 1,400 married members to see what effect having an affair has had on their relationship at home," an Illicit Encounters official stated. According to our research, 52% of married individuals stated they are actually having more sex than ever with their partners, and 72% of married individuals claim they are happier in their marriages now that they have an affair.

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