Kate Upton Reveals Why She Hasn't Posed Nude Yet?

In New York City finds Kate Upton exiting an office building and meeting up with a buddy while sporting a torn white pair of jeans and a blue button down top.

Earlier in the week, during the Yankees vs. Tigers game, the 31-year-old model was spotted supporting her boyfriend Justin Verlander.

It's the Internet's fault that Kate Upton hasn't posed nude
It's the Internet's fault that Kate Upton hasn't posed nude.

Kate recently spoke with Details about the reason behind her lack of naked picture ops.

"Those pictures are art in my opinion. Your body is beautiful and art, so it's fantastic to be shot that way, and people react really well to it, Kate remarked. "However, I don't think my photos would be viewed the way I would like them to be viewed, what with social media, the Internet, bad blogs, and the attention like that. I have avoided them because of this. Though I think those women are gorgeous and I genuinely appreciate those pictures, I believe social media and the Internet have kept me from putting myself out there in that way.

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