The Untold Story Behind 'Google GPS Girl' and the Voice of Siri

How did the confident voice of SIRI and the go-to source for directions on over 400 million GPS and smart gadget devices come to be an Australian lady who aspired to be the next Olivia Newton-John?

The Untold Story Behind Google GPS Girl and the Voice of Siri
The Untold Story Behind 'Google GPS Girl' and the Voice of Siri

Today's guest, Karen Jacobsen, also referred to as "GPS Girl," never imagined her device-enabled voice-future would arrive. Everything happened in complete secrecy: Karen accepted a position that required her to spend days alone in a studio, reading a ton of sentences, without ever knowing why. Years later, when a buddy called and said, "You're on our GPS," that's when she finally found out!

There is, however, a far larger tale hidden behind her golden voice. Karen is a singer-songwriter at heart. Being the next Olivia Newton-John in the US had always been her goal. to completely dominate the pop music scene.

Since then, that desire has resulted in a career as the voice of SIRI and GPS gadgets as well as a career in music, which includes appearances on successful TV series, national anthem performances in front of enormous stadiums, and keynote speaking. It has, however, also at times been an incredibly difficult journey that has required humility and a readiness to "get real"—even if that means returning home to recuperate, reevaluate, and then rebuild.
It's also interesting to note that Karen and Jonathan Fields, the creator of GLP, have a quirky backstory that led to their joint appearance on the front page of the Jobs section of the New York Times back in the early 2000s.

Karen shares with us her amazing story today. She describes how accepting the voice-over job fundamentally altered her life and how, ultimately, it had an utterly unexpected effect on her profession and manner of living. She even closes by singing a little bit to us about living a nice, happy life!

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