Top 6 Best Sets of Real Big Boobs in Hollywood

Top 6 Best Sets of Real Big Boobs in Hollywood
Top 6 Best Sets of Real Big Boobs in Hollywood

6. Christina Hendricks

The amazing breasts of Christina Hendricks are genuine.

Admiring some of Hollywood's top performers who have stuck to their roots is refreshing in a place where bleached blonde hair and false breasts appear to be the norm. These six celebrities have naturally gorgeous breasts that make everyone swoon. They haven't had any breast augmentations since, well, they were born with flawlessly formed breasts. Our selection of the greatest unenhanced breasts, which features anything from a 44-year-old Oscar winner to a 25-year-old pop sensation, will either brighten your day or make you quite jealous.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn may have broken up recently, but we have a hunch she'll find someone else quickly.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

So what if Jennifer Love Hewitt's low Rotten Tomatoes film ratings earned her the title of Worst Actress? The lads will always end up in the yard and at the theater thanks to her milkshake.

3. Halle Maria Berry

For many years, both men and women have appreciated Halle's berries, and the 44-year-old actress seems to become better with age.

2. Selma Hayek

David Letterman was allegedly informed by Selma Hayek that the secret to having enormous breasts is holy water. We're going to church following work.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is adept at using the tools her mother provided her. The singer, 25, is also skilled at making light of herself; recall her SNL skit?

What women did we leave off this list?

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